Day: Friday
Time: 12:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. EDT

The Econometrics Seminar is organized by Yoonseok Lee and Yulong Wang. Topics will include theoretical and applied econometrics, with speakers from SU and other universities. Speakers will discuss their own work or important recent contributions to econometrics. .

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Spring 2024

DateSpeaker and InstitutionTitle
March 22

Daniel Millimet

(Southern Methodist University)

(Don't) Walk This Way: The Econometrics of Crosswalks
March 29

Yuehao Bai

(University of Southern California)

On the Efficiency of Finely Stratified Experiments
April 5

Carol Caetano

(University of Georgia)

Identification and Estimation of Average Marginal Treatment Effects with a Bunching Design 
April 19

Vitor Possebom

(São Paulo School of Economics)

Was Javert Right To Be Suspicious? Unpacking Treatment Effect Heterogeneity of Alternative Sentences On Time-To-Recidivism in Brazil
April 26 - 28

Camp Econometrics XVII

Fall 2023

DateSpeaker and InstitutionTitle
October 13Chris Parmeter
(University of Miami)
"Local Eviction Moratoria and the Spread of Covid-19"
October 20

Silvia Sarpietro

(University of Bologna)

November 10Yichi Zhang and Junjie Shu
(Syracuse University)

Spring 2023

DateSpeaker and InstitutionTitle
March 29Shu Shen
(UC Davis)
"Panel IV with Dynamic Treatment Effect"
April 14

Mark Watson


"Spatial Unit Roots"
April 21Camp Econometrics

Fall 2022

DateSpeaker and InstitutionTitle
September 2

Zhe He

(Syracuse University)

"Partial Identification of the Marginal Treatment Effect with an Invalid Discrete Instrument"
September 23Alejandro Sanchez
"Robust Inference for the Treatment Effect Variance, in Experiments Using Machine Learning"
October 7Alexander Chudik
(Dallas Fed)
"Estimating Long-Run Relationships in Dynamic Heterogeneous Panels: Pooled Bewley and System PMG Estimators"
October 14

Zhuan Pei


"Visual Inference and Graphical Representation in Regression Discontinuity Designs"
October 21Alfred Galichon
(NYU, Virtual)
"Estimating Matching Models: From Theory to Empirics"
November 4Toru Kitagawa
November 11Juan Pantano

Spring 2022

DateSpeaker and InstitutionTitle
March 11

Jonathan Hill

(North Carolina)

"Testing (Infinitely) Many Zero Restrictions"
April 1

Federico Bugni


"Testing Homogeneity in Dynamic Discrete Games in Finite Samples"
April 8
Econometrics Camp
April 22

Arie Beresteanu


"Identification of Incomplete Preferences"

Fall 2021

 DateSpeaker and Institution  Title

October 1

 Ji Hyung Lee


Predictive Quantile Regression with Mixed Roots and Increasing Dimensions

October 8

 Kengo Kato


Inference for high-dimensional exchangeable arrays

November 12

Zhe He

(Syracuse University)


 November 19

Fan Yang

(Syracuse University)


Spring 2021

Spring 2021

 DateSpeaker and Institution  Title

 March 26

 Desire Kedagni

(Iowa State)

"Marginal Treatment Effects with Misclassified Treatment (joint with Santiago Acerenza and Kyunghoon Ban)"

April 10 - 11 

 NY Camp Econometrics



 April 23

Xu Cheng

(U Penn) 


 April 30

Xiaoxia Shi 



Fall 2020

Fall 2020

Date  Speaker and Institution Title  

 October 2

Wayne Gao

(University of Pennsylvania)

"Two-Stage Maximum Score Estimator"   

 October 16

Harold Chiang

(UW Madison)

"Many Average Partial Effects: with an Application to Text Regression"

 October 23 

Guanyu Liu


"Estimation and Inference of Average Treatment Effects with Model Averaging"
 October 30

Wenzhen Lin (Syracuse)

and Zhe He (Syracuse) 

Wenzhen Lin: "New tests of the Multinomial and Nested Logit Models with an Application to Residential Mortgage Terminations" and Zhe He: "Bounding Marginal Treatment Effects with an Imperfect Instrument"

 November 13

Yuya Sasaki


                                                              "Unconditional Quantile Regression with High Dimensional Data"

Fall 2019

Fall 2019

Date  Speaker and Institution Title  
 September 6

Sudipta Sarangi

(Virginia Tech)

      "Network Formation with Multigraphs and Strategic Complementarities"
September 20

Amos Golan

(American University)

"Info-Metrics for Modeling and Inference"

 October 11

 Christoph Breunig

(Emory University)

 "Simple, Adaptive, Rate-Optimal Testing in Instrumental Variables Models"

October 25 

Zhongjun Qu

(Boston University)

"Sieve Estimation of Option-Implied State Price Density"

November 1

Jun Cai

(Syracuse University)

"Panel Nonparametric Identification and Estimation of Conditional Heteroskedastic Frontiers"

Spring 2019

Spring 2019

Date  Speaker and Institution Title  
 March 1

Yuan Liao

(Rutgers University) 

"Inference for Heterogeneous Effects Using Low Rank Estimations"
 March 22

Dukpa Kim

(Korea University; visiting Boston University) 

"Tests of Block Zero Restrictions in Common Factor Models"

(co-authored with Chirok Han)

 March 29

 Jun Cai

(Syracuse University)

 "Density Deconvolution with Laplace Errors and Unknown Variance"
 April 5

Maximilian Kasy

(Harvard University)

"Adaptive experiments for policy choice"

 April 12 - April 14NY Camp Econometrics 
 April 26

Ivan Fernandez-Val

(Boston University) 

 "Distribution Regression with Sample Selection, with an Application to Wage Decompositions in the UK"

Fall 2018

Fall 2018

Date  Speaker and Institution Title  
 September 21

 Michal Kolesar

(Princeton University)

 "Sensitivity Analysis using Approximate Moment Condition Models"
 September 28

Pedro Sant'Anna

(Vanderbilt University)

 “Difference-in-Differences With Multiple Time Periods and an Application on the Minimum Wage and Employment"
 November 2

 Dahae Choo, Guanyu Liu & Yi Yang

(Syracuse University)

Yi Yang: “Mode of Technical Inefficiency in Parametric Stochastic Frontier Model”

Dahae Choo: “The cash transfer and fertility decision in South Korea”

Guanyu Liu: "Evaluating the economic impact of conflict: A counterfactual analysis of Ukraine"

November 7


Alexis Akira Toda

(University of California at San Diego)

"Geometrically Stopped Markovian Random Growth Processes and Pareto Tails"

 November 16


 Yuan Liao

(Rutgers University)


November 30

Ingmar Prucha

(University of Maryland)

"Simultaneous Equations Models with Higher-Order Spatial or Social Network Interactions"


Spring 2018

Spring 2018

Date  Speaker and Institution Title  
March 2  Ying-Ying Lee
(UC Irvine)  
March 30  Bo E. Honoré
(Princeton University)  
“Selection Without Exclusion”
(co-authored with Luojia Hu)    
April 6 - 8  Camp Econometrics XIII
(Saratoga Springs, NY)   

  Zhijie Xiao
(Boston College)  
April 20Tim Christensen
"Counterfactual Sensitivity and Robustness"

Fall 2017

Fall 2017

Date Speaker and Institution  Title  
September 15  John Jones
(Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond) 
"An Estimated Structural Model of Entrepreneurial Behavior"
(co-authored with Sangeeta Pratap)
September 22 Frank DiTraglia
(University of Pennsylvania)  
"Mis-classified, Binary, Endogenous Regressors: Identification and Inference"
(co-authored with Camilo Garcia-Jimeno) 
November 10
426 Eggers Hall 
Chris Parmeter
(University of Miami) 
“Calculating the Number of Parameters 
in Multivariate Local Polynomial Regression”
(co-authored with Nadine McCloud)  
December 1  Jun Cai
(Syracuse University) 
"Deconvolution with Laplacian Error and Unknown Scale" 

Spring 2017

Spring 2017

Date Speaker and Institution Title 
February 17 Myung Hwan Seo 
(Seoul National University) 
"Local M-estimation with Discontinuous Criterion 
for Dependent and Limited Observations" 
(co-authored with Taisuke Otsu) 
February 28
3:30-5:00 p.m. 
Jeremy Fox 
(Rice University) 
"Heterogenous Production Functions, Panel Data, and Productivity Dispersion" 
(co-authored with Vitor Hadad, Stefan Hoderlein, Amil Petrin, and Bob Sherman) 
March 24  Hyunseok Jung 
(Syracuse University) 
"Adaptive lasso estimation of a zero inefficiency stochastic frontier 
(ZISF) panel data model" 
April 7 - 9  Camp Econometrics XII
(Lake Placid, NY)  

May 5  Yoon-Jae Whang 
(Seoul National Univ.; visiting Yale Univ.) 
"Inference on Distribution Functions under Measurement Error"
(co-authored with Karun Adusumilli and Taisuke Otsu) 

Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Date Speaker and Institution Title 
July 28  
 Jaewoo Oh 
(Syracuse University) 
 "Misspecified Recovery or Recovery of the Long-term Risk: Evidences from the Gaussian Affine Term Structure" 
Wednesday October 5 
1:30-3:30 p.m.  
Jeff S. Racine 
(McMaster University)  
October 14 Youngki Shin 
 (University of Technology Sydney) 
"Oracle Estimation of a Change Point in High Dimensional Quantile Regression” 

Spring 2016

Spring 2016

Date Speaker and Institution Title 
April 1 Joris Pinkse 
(Penn State) 
"Counterfactual Prediction in Complete Information Games: 
Point Prediction under Partial Identification" 
(by Sung Jae Jun and Joris Pinkse) 
 April 8 -10  Camp Econometrics 
April 15 Jean-Marie Dufour 
(McGill University) 
"Rank-Robust Wald-Type Tests: A Regularization Approach"  
April, 20 
12:15-1:45 p.m. 
Victor Aguirregabiria 
(University of Toronto) 
(Joint with Applied Micro Seminar) 
"Estimating the Effects of Deregulation in the Ontario Alcohol Retail Market,"  

Fall 2015

Fall 2015

Date Speaker and Institution Title  
September 3 
 Kei Hirano 
(University of Arizona) 
"Forecasting with Model Uncertainty: Representations and Risk Reduction" 
September 25  Jae Woo Oh 
(Syracuse University) 
 "On the Over-Detection Probability of the Number of Factors" 
October 2  Shulin Shen 
(Syracuse University) 
 "Diffusion Index Forecasts and Factor-Augmented Regressions in Nonstationary Time Series" 
October 23 Antonio F. Galvao 
(University of Iowa) 
"Measurement Errors in Quantile Regression Models" 
October 30  Fa Wang 
(Syracuse University) 
 "Estimating and testing high dimensional factor models with multiple changes" 
November 6 Ismael Mourifié  
(University of Toronto) 
"Sharp Instrumental Inequalities: Testing IV independence assumption" 
November 20  Bin Peng 
(Syracuse University) 
"Testing Cross-Sectional Dependence in Large Panel Data Models 
with Serial Correlation" 
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