Updating Maxwell Faculty CVs

  1. From the Sitefinity Dashboard go to Content > People

    Finding the People seciton

  2. Find the person you want to edit.  You can sort by the column "Full Name", or you can use the "Search..." box at the top of the page. 
    Click on the person's name to open and edit the listing.

    Search or sort

  3. Click on the CV link on the left-side of the page.  This will scroll the page to that specific section.  Click the "+" icon in the CV section.  If the CV has already been uploaded, you can search for it by entering your search term (typically last name) into the "Start typing..." search box.  

    If no CV exists, then choose the "Upload a document" option.  

    List of CVs in the library

  4. Click on the "Upload a document from your computer" button and locate the CV you want to upload.

    Accessibility and File Names

    Documents MUST be checked for accessibility before they are uploaded to the library.  See this ITS Answers page for further information on document accessibility

    The PDF file name includes follow this example:  firstname-lastname-cv-2022-fall.pdf.  Do not include any spaces or special characters (i.e. !@#$%^) in the file name. 

    Upload button

  5. The file name you gave the CV will populate the "Title" field.  Edit as needed for clarity.  Enter the name of the person who checked the file being uploaded for accessibility and click "Use this document" to upload the file to Sitefinity.

  6. Before clicking the "Send for Approval" button, please use the "Preview" link which is next to the name at the top of the window.  If you need to make more updates before sending your update for approval, click "Save as Draft" and continue your updates.  

    Like Ektron, when you click "Send for Approval" a notification is sent to the Communications Team  and they will review your changes and either publish the faculty listing or send you a notification that further changes will be required before the content is published.

    Preview and Send for Approval

  7. Add a brief description of any changes you made to the page in the "Send for approval" window and click the final "Send for Approval" button.

    Send for approval notes section

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