Photo Sources

Sourcing Photographs:

Photographs of faculty should be studio portraits taken by the Syracuse University photo department.  Please contact Maxwell's Communications Office for more information.  

When you receive your portrait images back from the University Photo Department, email a copy to and the Comms team will drop and place it for you. 

If you choose to upload the photo yourself, please follow these instructions below:

  1. From Maxwell's Sitefinity Dashboard go to Content > People

    Finding the People seciton

  2. Find the person you want to edit.  You can sort by the column "Full Name", or you can use the "Search..." box at the top of the page. 
    Click on the person's name to open and edit the listing.

    Search or sort

  3. Click on the "Photo" link in the section navigation on the left side of the page.  This will scroll the page to that specific section.   Mousing over the image will display an "X" button over the image to remove the existing image and an "i" button to show details of the existing image.  This includes its name, the library where it is stored and its dimensions.   

    To replace an image with a new version click the "Pencil" icon below the image:

  4. The new image needs to be properly resized to 600 px wide by 600 px tall.    (If you are not familiar with how to size images to a specific dimension, contact for assistance.)

    Upload the new image by clicking the "Upload"  icon to the right of the image search.  Navigate to the new image and select it.  

    Uploading a new image into the library

  5. The image library location ("Store uploaded images to") and  the"Alternative text" fields need  to be updated.  The Sitefinity library location can be changed by clicking the "Pencil" icon and searching for "people headshots".  The title can be made easier to read by removing any hyphens.  The title should clearly indicate the person's name and image size.   The "Alternative text" should be their first and last names.  

    Editing image properties  

    Finding the right "People Headshots" library and click "Use this image".

    Selecting proper library location for images

  6. Before clicking the "Send for Approval" button, please use the "Preview" link which is next to the name at the top of the window. If you need to make more updates before sending your update for approval, click "Save as Draft" and continue your updates.

    Like Ektron, when you click "Send for Approval" a notification is sent to the Communications Team and they will review your changes and either publish the faculty listing or send you a notification that further changes will be required before the content is published.

  7. Add a brief description of any changes you made to the page in the "Send for approval" window and click the final "Send for Approval" button. 

    Entering a note in the send for approval window.
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