1. From Maxwell's Sitefinity Dashboard go to Content > People

    Finding the People seciton

  2. Find the person you want to edit.  You can sort by the column "Full Name", or you can use the "Search..." box at the top of the page. 
    Click on the person's name to open and edit the listing.

    Search or sort

  3. Click on the "Publications" link in the section navigation on the left side of the page.  This will scroll the page to that specific section.   You will need to click into the editing box (where it says "Add content") to make the text-editing toolbar appear at the top of the page.  

    Important details:

    Content Guidelines

    • As with all sections in people listings, a proper heading will automatically appear on the page above the text you enter into it.  If the information that you're adding is long and complex enough to need headings within it, please use a level three (H3) heading when breaking information up into distinct blocks.   Headings can be accessed from the drop down menu showing "Paragraph" below.  

    • Content added here should be text-based.  Please consult with the Maxwell Communications office (maxcomms@syr.edu) if you would like your faculty page to include extra photos, audio or video files.  

    • If linking to content outside of the Maxwell School's web site please have the links open up in a new window.  

    • Consult the detailed tutorial on using the Sitefinity text editor for more instructions including how to add hyperlinks (link to come). 

    Publications field editing

  4. After you have completed your edits, click the "Send for Approval" button and enter details of what you have changed on the page in the following window.  

    As with Ektron, when you click "Send for Approval" a notification is sent to the Communications Team  and they will review your changes and either publish the faculty listing for you, or they will send you a notification that further changes are required before the content is published.

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