GEO 573 The Geography of Capital, Huber, M 2:15-5:00pm

GEO 600 (meets with GEO 400) GIS Applications- Health & Human Services, Robinson, T/TH 2:00-3:20pm

GEO 603 Development of Geographic Thought, Mosher, W 5:15-8:00pm

GEO 672 Geopolitics and the State, Koch, M/W 3:45-5:05pm

GEO 676 (meets with GEO 476) Advanced GIS, Gao, M 2:15-5:00pm

GEO 683 (meets with GEO 383) Geographic Information Systems, Read, M/W 10:35-11:30am, Lab

GEO 689 Community Geography Internship, Robinson, TBD

GEO 755 Seminar in Political Ecology, Sultana, T 2:00-4:45pm

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