The Geography Graduate Student Organization (GGSO) is an official, university-recognized organization that represents graduate students in the Department of Geography at Syracuse University. The objectives of the GGSO are:

  1. To organize, support, and represent the Geography graduate students at Syracuse University
  2. To provide a space where their opinions and concerns can be addressed
  3. To recognize and promote those concerns to the faculty and the University at large via the Graduate Student Organization (GSO)
  4. To provide resources to strengthen the department academically, professionally, and socially

View the Geography Graduate Student Organization Constitution.


GGSO officers are elected in fall and spring semesters and serve for the duration of one academic year.

Graduate Student Representatives (GGSO Rep):
Amanda Jacobs
Jamie Fico

Graduate Student Organization (GSO) Senator:
Yeryun Hong

Future Professoriate Program (FPP) Coordinator:
Jihyuk Park

Colloquium Representative:
Red Burkett

Supporting Women in Geography (SWIG) Officer:
Akemi Inamoto 

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