As a History major, you must meet with your academic advisor every semester to make sure you are on track to graduate (review major requirements). 

  • Majors must select a geographical concentration (either U.S., European, or Global history).  At least 5 courses (15 credits) must focus on this concentration and students must complete at least one course from each of the other two areas of concentration. Majors should aim to take the lower-division survey and HST 401 in their areas of concentration.  No more than two lower-division (6 credits) may be counted toward the concentration.
    The three concentrations are defined as follows:
    • Global - courses that focus on the ancient, pre-modern or modern history of any of the following regions or countries therein Africa, East Asia (China, Korea, Japan), India, Mexico, Latin America, the Caribbean, the Middle East and North Africa. 
    • Europe - courses focusing on the European landmass including Russia whether ancient, medieval, early modern or modern, and those that emphasize the experiences of Europeans in the world through imperialism and wars. 
    • U.S. - any course primarily focused in the region that now constitutes the United States of America from the colonial era to the present, including courses in Native American history, African American history, and U.S. activities oversees. 

You can find a link to the History Undergraduate Requirements and Course Catalog here

Advising Instructions for Majors:

  • Before you may register, you must meet with your faculty advisor to have your History Department hold removed.
  • Contact your faculty advisor (see chart below) two weeks before the beginning of the early registration period. If your faculty advisor’s office hours conflict with your academic schedule, ask to meet at an alternate time.
  • Have a complete list of all History courses you’ve taken and are currently taking (including titles) at hand for your meeting with your faculty advisor. Know your concentration (U.S., Europe, or Global)
  • GRADUATING SENIORS: In the semester before the one in which you are graduating, please meet with the Undergraduate Director, Professor Mark Schmeller, for a degree check.

Undergraduate Advising Schedule – Fall 2023

First Initial of Your Last NameFaculty Advisor Contact Information Office Location  Office Hours 

Professor Aaron Luedtke 

512 Eggers HallTh 12:30-2:00 or by appointment

Professor Omar Cheta 

511  Eggers HallW 9:30-11:30

Professor Albrecht Diem, Undergraduate Director 

145 Eggers Hall

M 4:00-6:00 (drop-in)

T 12:00-2:00 (appointment only)


Professor Samantha Herrick 

527 Eggers Hall

T/TH 12:30-1:30 or by appointment

For any questions regarding the History Program please contact: 
Director of Undergraduate Studies: Albrecht Diem at or
Academic Coordinator: Christina Cleason at or 315-443-2210

All undergraduate forms should be submitted electronically to Christina Cleason via email for processing. 

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