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Graduate students should register for 9-12 credit hours per semester.

  • Options for graduate classes also include independent studies (HST 990 & HST 690), and courses offered outside the History Department. 

Please see the PhD and MA Programs of Study Handbook, or contact our current Graduate Director or Office/Graduate Coordinator for more information. 

Course Listing
Section/Class #Title DaysTimeInstructor
HST 600, M001, 21138Who's Middle Ages?Monday3:45-6:30Herrick
HST 700, M001, 20809Readings and Research in Chinese HistoryWednesday3:45-6:30


HST 735, M001, 12300Renaissance ItalyTuesday9:30-12:15Brege
HST 801, M001, 12100HistoriographyWednesday12:45-3:30Lasch-Quinn
HST 805, M001, 13443Readings and Research in Crime and JusticeTuesday9:30-12:15Cohen
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