Graduate students should register for 9-12 credit hours per semester.

  • Options for graduate classes also include independent studies (HST 990 & HST 690), and courses offered outside the History Department. 

Please see the PhD and MA Programs of Study Handbook, or contact our current Graduate Director or Office/Graduate Coordinator for more information. 

ClassTitle Day/TimeLocationInstructorCourse Description
HST 600Boderlands and Empires from the MarginsM 9:30-12:15151 Eggers HallMurphy
HST 600Mexico-US RelationsM 12:45-3:30209 Eggers HallMcCormick
HST/MES 600Global Histories of the Modern Middle East and North AfricaT 9:30-12:15151 Eggers HallA. Kallander

Readings in recent scholarship on the modern Middle East and North Africa with attention to global contexts and processes such as colonialism and capitalism. The course will emphasize historical approaches and methodologies but will be interdisciplinary in nature. Students from all disciplines welcome as are advanced undergraduates. We will combine conversations and analysis of shared readings, different readings on a shared topic or theme, with independent work. Topics may include colonial and post-colonial theory, gender, sexuality, race, religion and identity, security and insecurity, human rights and humanitarianism, science, technology, health and the environment, depending on student interest.

HST 803Theories and Philosophies of HistoryT 12:30-3:15151 Eggers Hall


HST 645History of International RelationsW 9:30-12:15151 Eggers HallKhalil
HST 804Graduate Research SeminarW 3:30-6:15151 Eggers HallKutcher
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