LinkedIn Banners

Choose one of the following banners to add to your LinkedIn profile by clicking the banner you would like to add and downloading it to your computer. If you get a message on LinkedIn saying "file is corrupt, please select a new file", don't worry, just refresh your page! The image should appear.

Graphic with Maxwell and Eggers HallsGraphic of Maxwell HallGraphic of Lincoln in front of MaxwellGraphic of Maxwell hallLincoln from the sideMaxwell Hall in black and white and present day

Maxwell School Centennial Lockups

The Maxwell School Centennial lockup should be used on Maxwell event advertising during the 2024 centennial year. Download the lockups here.

100 Years Bug

Download the 100 years bug here.

Ever Strive Phrases

The following ever strive phrases are single phrases used for branding and background imagery. They can be used for banners, backgrounds and other high-impact pieces where individual storytelling real estate is limited.

…for equality 

…for reconciliation  

…for peace 

…for understanding 

…for collaboration

…for civil discourse  

…for a sustainable future 

…for justice 

…for the public good 

…for civil rights 

…for inclusion 

...for democracy 

…for dialogue 

…to learn from history  

…to take action 

…to inspire the next generation 

…to leave a legacy 

…to solve problems 

…to lead 

….to end hunger 

…to make a difference 

to leave the world greater 

…to leave the world better 

…to leave the world more beautiful 

Email Signature

For Maxwell's centennial year, download the graphic pictured below to add to the bottom of your email signature. Add a sentence sharing what you ever strive for underneath the photo at the bottom of your email signature.

University email signature guidelines:

Email signature example :

Natalie Dascoulias '21

(Pronouns: She/her/hers)

Digital Content Marketing Specialist

Communications & Media Relations, Office of the Dean

T. 315.443.1527

223 Maxwell Hall, NY 13244 |


Syracuse University


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