Do you have additional tips for creating or improving inclusive communications with photography? Please email

As part of a suite of Brand Guidelines and Resources for brand-aligned communications, the Division of Marketing and Communications has created a Photography Guide. These guidelines provide a set of principles and considerations to keep in mind when shooting or selecting photography for Syracuse University use. 

In addition to the above guidance, the Maxwell School Dean's Office asks that you be mindful of the following considerations for selecting photos for school-based communications that are engaging, accessible and inclusive:

  • Is there a strong center of focus? Does it grab your attention?
  • Does it reflect Maxwell's goals for diversity, equity and inclusion in terms of the people represented, religious or cultural symbols or references, or other visuals that would exclude members of groups that are not represented?
  • Does it contain foreign language words and if so, can you read them or did you have them translated to ensure they don't convey something you don't intend to?
  • For digital uses, have you included appropriate file names and alt text for accessibility? Please refer to the images section of Web Accessibility Standards for alt text guidance.


For a list of University approved freelance photographers, please visit the External Marketing and Communications Vendors and Licensing page.

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