On May 2, 2018 the Maxwell School celebrated the achievements of undergraduate scholarship in the Social Sciences in the sixth annual Maxwell Celebration of Undergraduate Scholarship. Our celebration consisted of individual events hosted by each department as well as a multi-disciplinary poster session featuring research undertaken by undergraduate students during the current academic year.

The following awards were presented during the celebration.

MAX 123/132 Exemplary Student Paper Award, selected by MAX course faculty

  • MAX 123 – Jennifer Glass, for her paper titled The Inherent Systematic Problems Causing Inequality.
  • MAX 132 – Elizabeth Dizor, for her paper titled The Fight to Address Climate Change:  Obstacles to International Cooperation and the Efficacy of Grassroots Movements.

Outstanding Student Rearch Paper, selected by a Maxwell faculty committee

  • Tammy Hong for her paper titled Why Did it Fail?  The Story behind Ivan Meštrović’s Moses.
  • Caitlin Harrison for her paper titled Refugees Welcome? Why Governments Decide to Accept or Reject Refugees.

Best Poster Award, selected by a committee of Maxwell graduate students

  • Dana Lechleiter for her work titled And Babies.

Research Poster Honorable Mention, selected by a committee of Maxwell graduate students

  • Andrew Stranahan for his work titled Rethinking Colonization

Viewer's Choice Poster Awards, selected by viewer voting during the poster session 

  • Leishla Agosto-Ortiz for her work titled The Visible Hand of the State: A Case Study of Inequality & the Left Turn in Latin America.
  • Marielle Geerling for her work titled Counter-Revolution: Crackdown vs. Chaos in the Gulf's Arab Spring.

Congratulations to all the students who participated and thank you to all the faculty and staff who supported the students.

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