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PAI 700 | Transatlantic Relations in a Multipolar World | Michael Williams

 Intro Date: April 13th, 4pm

The Transatlantic Relationship, formally embodied in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), has been a cornerstone of international security since the end of the Second World War. NATO helped to ensure that a war between the Soviet Union and the United States did not occur. It helped to pacify post-World War II Europe, to reduce fear amongst European states and to enable European integration and the eventual development of the European Union. Following the end of the Cold War and dissolution of the Soviet Union NATO facilitated the transition to democracy in eastern Europe. This seminar explores the historic foundations of NATO and dissects current issues such as the challenge from Putin’s Russia, rising illiberalism in Europe, populism in the US and EU, migration pressures, defense industrial issues, terrorism and the role of China in Europe and the wider world.  The course finishes by exploring possible future developments of what has been known as the “most successful alliance in history” in an emergent era of multipolarity.

PAI 730 | Central Challenges in National Security Law and Policy | James Baker

Intro Date: April 20th, 5pm

Using a series of case study modules that jump off the front page, the course examines critically the hardest U.S. national security law and policy challenges of the decades ahead. The case studies range from decisions to intervene and what laws apply if we do intervene in humanitarian crises, insurrections, or civil wars, and what laws should govern when we are involved; dealing with the Arab Spring; dealing with Iran and North Korea related to nuclear weapons; anticipating and controlling new technologies in warfare and surveillance; managing civil/military relations in protecting the homeland; countering the cyber threats to our infrastructure and cyber-attacks waged by nation states, such as China and Russia; managing public health as a national security issue; resource depletion and global warming as a national security issue. Students will learn to integrate legal and policy analyses and will gain lessons in how policy is made and implemented with significant legal guidance. 

Students are accepted on a rolling basis as space permits.

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