Online Information session: Wednesday, April 17th 4-6 p.m. 

GEO 700 | Authoritarianism Today | Natalie Koch 

This is an advanced course on the political geography of authoritarianism. Authoritarianism is often imagined as fitting in the neat political borders of a territorial state: some countries are democratic, others authoritarian. Yet scholars, policymakers, and practitioners all understand that authoritarianism today is not territorially-bounded – that authoritarian ideas, actors, and practices routinely stretch across international borders. How, then, should we define and locate authoritarianism? For those committed to democratic governance, how should we address the non- or extra-territorial challenges of authoritarianism? This class addresses these questions through examining authoritarianism outside of the traditional state-focused approach, asking how actors in different institutions and policy fields deal with the phenomenon. It draws on case studies from around the world, and testimonials from individuals working in various institutions around Washington, D.C. to examine the challenges of authoritarianism today.

Students are accepted on a rolling basis as space permits.


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