Syracuse University has a proud history of involvement with the Model United Nations (MUN) program, dating back to 1927 when the Maxwell School established and hosted the first Model League of Nations Assembly. This legacy of providing students with practical experience in the “art of diplomacy” continues today with opportunities for International Relations majors to participate in annual MUN Conferences held in Washington, DC (fall semester) and New York City (spring semester).

MUN offers students a unique opportunity to engage with current international problems and to work collaboratively towards solutions. Through this program, students participate in team-building exercises, practice public speaking, strengthen negotiation skills, and develop leadership capabilities as they represent their country's interests in various committees and on a wide array of issues in this simulation of global diplomacy.

Model United Nations Team

The Syracuse University MUN Teams are open to any undergraduate student enrolled at Syracuse University who has a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Students earn 1 experience credit for participation in the Fall conference  and accompanying coursework in  IRP 414 and 3 academic credits in the Spring for their participation in the conference and accompanying coursework in  IRP 413.

Model United Nations Club

The MUN Club is an opportunity to learn more about the United Nations as well as debate techniques, conference procedures, resolution writing and negotiation.  Students participate in a simulations, representing a country and learn about its history, politics, culture, and foreign policy.

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