Moynihan Institute of Global Affairs
346 Eggers Hall


Regional Centers

Center for European Studies

Central Asia and the Caucasus Initiative 

East Asia Program

Maxwell African Scholars Union (MASU)

Middle Eastern Studies Program

Program on Latin America and the Caribbean

South Asia Center

Research Projects and Thematic Programs

Center for Qualitative and Multi-Method Inquiry (CQMI)

Funding Opportunities

Student Funding Opps

John and Mabel de Sardon and Joan de Sardon-Glass Assistantships (PLACA)

Foreign Language and Areas Studies Fellowships (SAC)

Bharati Memorial Grant (SAC)

Graduate Student Research Grants

South Asia Center Graduate Student Travel Grant (SAC)

MESA Conference Travel (MESP)

Study Abroad Awards (MESP)

Young Scholar Prize Middle Eastern Studies (MESP)

Faculty Funding Opps

MESA Conference Funding (MESP)

MESP Teaching Recognition Award (MESP)

Undergraduate Research Assistant Fellowships (MESP)

The MESP Graduate Course Development Grant (MESP)

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