John and Mabel de Sardon and Joan de Sardon-Glass Assistantships

The de Sardon-Glass Assistantships were set-up to support nationals of Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, and other Andean-region countries who wish to pursue professional degrees in the Maxwell School and then to return to public service in their home countries.  The program is especially oriented toward those professionals pursuing a MA degree through Maxwell’s Public Administration, International Relations, or Executive Education departments.   for the award as well.  The de Sardon-Glass program typically provides academic tuition and/or a stipend to cover living expenses while in Syracuse.

Program on Latin America and the Caribbean Graduate Student Research Grants 

The Program on Latin America and the Caribbean will grant awards up to $1,500  to graduate students of any discipline to support research concerning the Latin America and the Caribbean. Typically, these awards will be used during the summer of 2024. The purpose of the award is primarily to provide graduate students with the opportunity to conduct field research, pursue archival research, gather preliminary data, make contacts, map topics, undergo advanced language training, and increase competitiveness of future funding proposals. 

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