Ahmad, Sadaf – 2006                             
Advisor - Susan S. Wadley
Al-Huda: The Story of Islamic Revivalism Amongst Urban Pakistani Women

Ahmed, Huma – 1990                             
Advisor - Michael Freedman
Impact Of Agricultural Development On The Social Status And Work Patterns Of Women In Palitpur 

Ahn, Kyungju – 2009                             
Advisor - John S. Burdick
South Korean Transnational Mothers: Familism, Cultural Criticism and Education

Amartey, Samuel  - 2021
Advisor - Chris DeCorse
Archaeology and Settlement Histories Along the Pra River, Southern Ghana, Circa 500BC-AD1970

Arafeen, Helaluddin Khan S. – 1983        
Advisor - Agehananda Bharati
Changing Agrarian Structure In Bangladesh Shimulia: A Study Of A Periurban Village 

Arango-Vargas, Carolina - 2018 (Distinction)
Advisor John Burdick
Insist, Persist, and Resist: Feminist Activism and Political Violence in Antioquia, Colombia

Azad, Nandini – 1987                             
Advisor - Susan S. Wadley
Creating Bases Of Women’s Solidarity: A Study Of The Grassroots Credit Groups Of The Working Women’s Forum In India  

Babson, David - 2011
Advisor - Doug Armstrong
"Sweet Spring: The Development and Meaning of Maple Syrup Production at Fort Drum, New York"  

Baer, Kenneth – 1974                            
Advisor - William Mangin
Urambo, Tanzania – The Administrative And Social Development Of A Tobacco Settlement Scheme, 1948-1968

Beatty, David Lansing – 1983                 
Advisor - Susan S. Wadley
Development Implications Of Technology Levels: The Printing Industry In India 

Becker, Ernest – 1960                            
Advisor - Douglas G. Haring
Zen Buddhism, “Thought Reform” (Brain Washing) And Various Psychotherapies: A Theoretical Study In Induced Regression And Cultural Values

Beier, Zachary - 2017
Advisor - Douglas Armstrong
All the King's Men: Slavery and Soldiering at the Cabrits Garrison, Dominica (1763-1854)

Bently, Gerald Hayes – 1975                  
Advisor - Agehananda Bharati
An Archaeology Of The Dark Ages: England During The Anglo-Saxon Pagan Period

Birns, Susan – 1997                               
Advisor - Deborah Pellow
Formerly Battered Women: When And Why They Leave

Blouet, Helen - 2010
Advisor - Douglas Armstrong
Marking Life and Death on St. John, Virgin Islands, 1718-1950: An Historical Archaeology of Commemoration through Objects, Space, and Transformation

Boza Cuadros, Maria Fernanda - 2019
Advisor - DeCorse, Chris
Southern Landscapes: Coastal Arequipa at the turn of the Peruvian Republic (1821-1879)

Brennan, Nancy Lucille – 1979                
Advisor - Agehananda Bharati
The Anglo-Indians Of Madras: An Ethnic Identity In Transition

Bridger-Wilson, Emera - 2017 (Distinction)
Advisor - Susan S. Wadley
Working for Dignity: The Authorized Sightseeing Rickshaw Drivers of Keoladeo National Park

Carr, Edward - 2001                               
Advisor - Christopher R. DeCorse    
“They Were Looking For White Jobs” The Archeology Of Postcolonial Capitalist Expansion In Coastal Ghana

Caughran, Neema - 1997                       
Advisor - Susan S. Wadley
The Potter, The Brahm, And The Butcher’s Ghost Caste And Family Dynamics In North India.

Cerveny, Lee - 2004                              
Advisor - Peter Castro      
Tourism and Transformations in the Alaska Frontier: A study of Tourism Growth and its Effects on Three Southeast Alaska Communities

Choudhary, Vikas - 2007                              
Advisor - A. Peter Castro      
Craft Producers and Intermediation by Government, NGO's and Private Business in rural Rajasthan, India

Chouin, Gerard - 2009                              
Advisor - Christopher R. DeCorse      
Forests of Power and Memory: An Archaeology  of Sacred Groves in the Eguafo Polity, Southern Ghana (c. 500-1900 A.D)

Cochran, Ronald Perry - 1979                 
Advisor -  Michael Freedman                     
Socioeconomic Impact Of Conservation Legislation: An Analysis Of The Adirondack Park Land Use And Development Plan

Cromack, Gail Westoby - 1979                
Advisor - William Mangin
Organizational Change And Ideological Conflict: A Case Study Of Middle Management At A Unitized Psychiatric Center

Cromwell, Robert - 2006                
Advisor - Douglas V. Armstrong
Where Ornament and Function are so Agreeably Combined": Consumer Choice Studies of English Ceramic Wares at Hudson's Bay Company Fort Vancouver

Cook, Gregory - 2012
Advisor - Christopher De Corse
The Maritime Archaeology of West Africa in the Atlantic World: Investigations at Elmina, Ghana

Davis, Vernie Lee – 1978                        
Advisor -                                
Small Farmers And Their Market: Relic Of Past Or An Option For The Future

Debela, Mengistu - 2009                        
Advisor - A. Peter Castro                               
Institutional Practices, Natural Resource Management and Livelihood Strategies in Mahur, Southwest

Deburlo, Charles Russell - 1984              
Advisor - Glynn Cochrane                      
Indigenous Responses And Participation In Tourism In A Southwest Pacific Island Nation, Vanuatu

Denicola, Alicia - 2004                           
Advisor - Maureen Schwarz        
Creating Borders, Maintaining Boundaries: Traditional Work And Global Markets In Bagru's Handblock Textile Industry

Derby, Paul - 2008                      
Advisor - Susan S. Wadley                              
Indian Trails, Military Roads, and Waterwheels: Cultural and Ecological Transformations at Glen Lake, New York

Derr, Bruce Woods - 1979                      
Advisor - Michael Freedman                              
The Growing Abundance Of Food And Poverty In A North Indian Village: Karimpur 1925 –1975

Desai, Retika - 2018
Advisor- Sue Wadley
Refugee Crossings: Everyday Geographies of Nepali-Bhutani Encampment and Resettlement  

Devasahayam, Theresa W. - 2001
Advisor - Susan S. Wadley
Consumed With Modernity And Tradition: Food, Women, & Ethnicity In Changing Urban Malaysia

Dunn, Shannon - 2008                       
Advisor - Douglas Armstrong                           
Little More Than a Winter Home: An Historical Archaeology of Irish Seasonal Migration at Slievemore, Achill, Island

Ellis, Meredith A.B. - 2014 
Advisor - Shannon Novak
The Children of Spring Street: The Remains of Childhood from a Nineteenth Century Congregation

Ettenger, Kreg - 2004                           
Advisor - A. Peter Castro      
Siipii, Uuchii, Minishtikw, Istchii (River, Mountain, Island, Land): Development, Conflict and Local Knowledge in Eeyou Istchee, Norther Quebec

Etter, Connie - 2012
Advisor - Susan. S. Wadley
"Women With No One": Community and Christianity in a Secular South Indian Homeless Shelter

Fanger, Allen C – 1980                           
Advisor - Agehananda Bharati
Diachronic And Synchronic Perspectives On Kumaoni Society And Culture

Farag, George - 2007                     
Advisor - Robert A. Rubinstein                             
Diaspora and Transnational Administration: Shiite Iraqi Diaspora and the Administration of Post-Saddam Hussein Iraq

Faust, Betty Bernice – 1988                   
Advisor - Susan S. Wadley
Cosmology And Changing Technologies Of The Campeche Maya

Feldman, Gregory Mark - 2001                
Advisor - Susan S. Wadley
Constructing The ‘Non- Estonian”: The Politics And Policies Of Ethnic And European Integration In Estonia

Ferraro, Gary Paul – 1971                       
Advisor - William Mangin
Kikuyu Kinship Interaction: A Rural Urban Comparison

Fosher, Kerry – 2005                      
Advisor - Robert A. Rubinstein
I'm Just Thinking Out Loud Here: Making U.S. Homeland Security at the Local Level

Gagnon, Terese - 2021
Advisor - Azra Hromadžić
Seeding Sovereignty: Sensory Politics and Biodiversity in the Karen Diaspora

Gaiba, Francesca - 2007                      
Advisor - Robert A. Rubinstein                             
Straight Women and Gay Men Friends: A Qualitative Study

Galaska, Chester F – 1969                      
Advisor - Donn Hart
Continuity And Change In Dalat Plu: A Chinese Middle Class Business Community In Thailand

Ghosh, Huma Ahmed – 1990                   
Advisor -
Impact Of Agricultural Development On The Social Status And Work Patterns Of Women In Palitpur

Ghosh, Ipshita - 2022 (Distinction)
Advisor - Azra Hromadžić
Startup Futures: Entrepreneurs, Investors, and Imaginaries of Care in global India

 Gibson, Heather - 2007                      
Advisor - Douglas Armstrong                              
Daily Practice and Domestic Economies in Guadeloupe: An Archaeological and Historical Study

Gijanto, Liza - 2010
Advisor - Christopher R. DeCorse
Change and the Era of the Atlantic Trade: Commerce and Interaction in the Niumi Commercial Center (The Gambia) 

Giovannini, Maureen Judith – 1975         
Advisor - Agehananda Bharati
The Effects Of Factory Employment On The Position Of Women In A Sicilian Village

Goparaju, Lakshmi - 1998                      
Advisor - Susan S. Wadley
Ignorance And Inequality: Youth Sexuality In India And Its Implications To HIV Spread

Greer, Matthew - 2022 (Distinction)
Advisor - Theresa Singleton
Assembling Enslaved Lives: Labor, Consumption, and Landscapes in the Nothern Shenadoah Valley

Gurr, Melinda - 2017 (Distinction)
Advisor- John Burdick
Limits of Liberation: Youth & Politics in Brazil's Landless Rural Workers' Movement (MST)

Gururani, Shubhra - 1996                       
Advisor - Susan S. Wadley
Fuel, Fodder, And Forests: Politics Of Forest Use And Abuse In Uttarakhand Himalaya, India

Gustafsson, Mai Lan - 2005                  
Advisor - Susan S. Wadley   
War of the Shadow World: Angry Ghosts and Their Victims in Vietnam

Hamilton Susan Irene - 2000                  
Advisor - William Mangin   
Seeking Higher Ground: Housing Placement Strategies Of Families Displaced By The Yacyreta Project In Posadas, Argentina

Harasta, Jesse - 2014 (Distinction)
Advisor - Burdick
Searching for a Single Voice: Politics of Use, Form and Belief in the Kernewek Language, United Kingdom

Harrison, Anthony Kwame - 2003            
Advisor - Deborah Pellow
Every Emcee's A Fan, Every Fan's An Emcee: Authenticity, Identity, And Power Within Bay Area Underground Hip Hop

Harrison, Ira E – 1967                            
Advisor - Helen Safa
A Comparative Case Study Of Church Desegregation In A Midwest Metropolitan Area

Hauk, Dorothy Rose – 1986                    
Advisor – William Mangin
The Implementation Of 1978 New York Laws Chapter 468 – The Padavan Site Selection Law: An Ethnography

Hauser, Mark - 2001                              
Advisor - Douglas Armstrong 
Peddling Pots: Determining The Extent Of Market Exchange In Eighteenth Century Jamaica Through The Analysis Of Local Coarse Earthenware

Herrald, Angela – 2006 (Distinction)                          
Advisor - Maureen Schwarz
Spiritual Itineraries: Journeying to Self via "Sacred India."

Hirshberg, Richard Irwin – 1958               
Advisor - Douglas G. Haring
The Process Of Ladinization In The Guatemalan Highlands

Hoffman, Lynn Francis – 1973                 
Advisor -
The Myth Of Maritime Culture

Horlings, Rachel - 2011
Advisor - Christopher DeCorse
“Of His Bones Are Coral Made: Submerged Cultural Resources, Site Formation Processes, and Multiple Scales of Interpretation in Coastal Ghana”

Hosek, Lauren - 2020
Advisor Shannon Novak
Crossroads of Conversion: Intersections of Bodies, Materials, and Histories in Early Medieval Bohemia

Houska, William – 1981                          
Advisor - Susan S. Wadley
Religious Belief And Practice In An Urban Scheduled Caste Community

Hubley, Teresa Ann - 1994                     
Advisor - Michael Freedman
Bridges And Barriers: The World Of Indigenous Paraprofessionals In A Public Health Program

Hyde, Janice Suzanne – 1986                  
Advisor - Susan S. Wadley
Local Associations And Non-Formal Education For Women In Rajasthan, India

Johnson, Colleen Leahy – 1972               
Advisor - Gordon Bowles
The Japanese-American Family And Community In Honolulu: Generational Continuities In Ethnic Affiliation

Johnson, Jamie - 2014  (Distinction)
Advisor - Deborah Pellow
Accommodating Conservation: Regulating Heritage in a Himalayan Tourist Town

Johnson, Steven - 2018
Advisor - Sue Wadley
Tribal Margins: Dalit Belonging and State Recognition in the Western Himalayas

Kankpeyeng, Benjamin - 2003                
Advisor - Christopher Decorse
The Archaeology Of Kpaliworgu: A Case Study Of Culture Continuity And Change In Northern Ghana Before 1900

Karam, John Tofik - 2004                        
Advisor - John S. Burdick
Distinguishing Arabesques: The Politics And Pleasures Of Being Arab In Neoliberal Brazil

Karim, Ahm Zehadul - 1987                    
Advisor - Susan S. Wadley
The Pattern Of Rural Leadership In An Agrarian Society: A Case Study Of The Changing Power Structure In Bangladesh

Kuan, Chen-I - 2011
Advisor - Cecilia Van Hollen
Debates on Gender and Technology: Cesarean Births in Taiwan

Kebede, Kassahun - 2012
Advisor- Hans Buechler
Double Engagements: The Transnational Experiences of Ethiopian Immigrants in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area

Keles, Fethi - 2014
Advisor - Robert Rubinstein 
Ways to Refuge: Bosnians in Central New York in Ethnographic Perspective

Keller, Elizabeth Joan - 2004                  
Advisor - Douglas Armstrong
The Construction And Expression Of Identity: An Archaeological Investigation Of The Laborer Villages At Adrian Estate, St. John, USVI

Khan, Faris Ahmed - 2014
Advisor - Susan S. Wadley
Khwaja Sira: Culture, Identity Politics and 'Transgender' Activism in Pakistan

Khan, Showkat H. - 1992                        
Advisor - Susan S. Wadley
Voluntarism, Rural Leadership And Rural Development In Bangladesh

Khanna, Sunil K. – 1995                              
Advisor - Susan S. Wadley
Gender Discrimination, Maternal Health, And Pregnancy Outcomes In North India

Killmer, Jocelyn - 2018
Advisor - Cecilia Van Hollen
Village Doctors and Vulnerable Bodies: Gender, Medicine, and Risk in North India

Knight, Lisa I, – 2005                              
Advisor - Susan S. Wadley
Negotiated Identities, Engendered Lives: Baul Women in West Bengal and Bangladesh

Kruczek-Aaron, Hadley -2007                      
Advisor - Theresa A. Singleton                             
Struggling with Moral Authority: Religion, Reform and Everyday Life in Nineteenth-Century Smithfield, New York

Kwik, Greta – 1978                                 
Advisor - Susan S. Wadley                              
The Indos Of Southern California: A Preliminary Study Of Ethnicity And Assimilation Among Refugee-Immigrants

Ladousa, Chaise - 2000                          
Advisor - Susan S. Wadley
Saraswati And Seacrest:  Schools And Languages Medium Politics In North India

Lampe, Frederick – 2006                                
Advisor - Deborah Pellow                              
The Consumption of Conversion: Right Rites and Christian Faith in Western Kenya

Lanham, Betty Bailey – 1962                  
Advisor - Douglas Haring
Aspects Of Child Rearing In Kainan, Japan

Lans, Aja - 2021
Advisor - Shannon Novak
♀ Negro: Embodied Experineces of Discrimination in Historic NewYork City

LaVoy, Catherine - 2022
Advisor - Thresa Singelton
Freyre’s Plantation Playground: The Changing Landscape of the Sugar Plantation Monjope

Lee, Christopher – 2002                         
Advisor - Susan S. Wadley
Banaras, Urdu, Poetry, Poets

Leflore, James E. – 1973                            
Advisor – William Mangin
An Analysis Of A Third World Slum Settlement: A Case Study Of Urbanism In Trinidad

Lenik, Stephan - 2010
Advisor - Douglas Armstrong
Frontier Landscapes, Missions, and Power:  A French Jesuit Plantation and Church at Grand Bay, Dominica (1747-1763)

Lerch, Oliver Burkett Jr. – 1974                
Advisor - William Mangin
The Industriels Forains Of Brittany, An Itinerant Community

Lewton-Brain, James – 1968                  
Advisor – Aidan W. Southall
Patterns Of Continuity And Change In The Context Of Planned Settlement In Tanzania

Lex, Barbara Wendy – 1969                    
Advisor - Aidan W. Southall
Soulard: A Divided Subcommunity

Liu, Fei-Wen – 1997                               
Advisor - Susan S. Wadley
Women De-Silencing Of Themselves: Male-Illegible Literature (Nushu) And Female-Specific Songs (Nuge) In Jiangyong County, Hunan Province, China

Mani, Srinivasa Balasubra - 1970            
Advisor - Agehananda Bharati
Family Planning Communication In Rural India

Manwar, Ali - 1990                                 
Advisor - Susan S. Wadley
Social Structure Of Capital Formation In Bangladesh: A Micro-Level Study In The Village Community

Matsuzawa, Kazuko – 1989                    
Advisor -
The Social And Ritual Supremacy Of The First-Born: Paiwan Kinship And Chieftainship

McNamara, Karen - 2014
Advisor - Susan S. Wadley
Valuing Health: Herbal Traditions, Pharmaceuticals, and Healing in Bangladesh.”

Menon, Kalyani - 2002                             
Advisor - Susan S. Wadley
Dissonant Subjects: Women In Hindu Nationalist Movement In India

Miles, Ann - 1991                                   
Advisor - William Mangin
“Our Culture Depends On Yours:” Poor Families And The Social Construction Of Class And Gender Ideologies In Cuenca, Ecuador

Miller, Barbara Diane – 1978                   
Advisor - Susan S. Wadley
Sexual Discrimination And Population Dynamics In Rural India

Moeti, Moitsadi Thoane – 1981                
Advisor - John Gwaltney
Ethiopianism: Separatist Roots Of African Nationalism In South Africa

Mohome, Paulus Mokete – 1969               
Advisor - Aidan W. Southall
The Study Of Social Changes In Sub-Saharan Africa: An Analytic Review Of Selected Social Anthropological Sources From 1928 To 1967

Morrissey, Suzanne – 2006               
Advisor - Robert A. Rubinstein
We Accept WIC: An Ethnography of Women, Infants and Children's Nutrition Program

Narasimhan, Haripriya – 2006               
Advisor - Susan S. Wadley
Our Health is in our Hands: Women Making Decisions about Health Care in Tamilnadu, South India

Ndeti, Kivuto – 1967                              
Advisor - Agehananda Bharai
Elements Of Akamba Life

Nguyen, Linh - 2016
Advisor - Azra Hromadzic
Women as Fish: Physical Movement and Social Mobility in Contemporary Vietnam

Nicholson, Clara Kibby - 1965                 
Advisor -Douglas Haring
The Introduction Of Islam Into Sumatra And Java: A Study In Cultural Change

Noronha, Raymond Joseph  – 1973           
Advisor - Glynn Cochrane
Experiments In Social Change: Constitutional Application And Cultural Variation

Norton, Holly - 2013 (Distinction)
Advisor - Douglas Armstrong
“Estate by Estate: The Landscape of the 1733 St. Jan Slave Rebellion”, 

Nutting, Margaret Gibbons – 1973              
Advisor - Gordon Bowles
The Fate Of The Confucian Ideal In “Readings” Textbooks Of Taiwan And The China Mainland: A Study Of Continuity And Change

Olsen, Keri – 2003                                 
Advisor - Susan S. Wadley
We All Eat Pickles, Don't We?": Negotiating Identity In The City Of Ajmer

Osei-Tutu, Brempong - 2009                          
Advisor - Deborah Pellow
Slave Castles, African American Activism and Ghana’s Memorial Entrepreneurism

Ozcan, Ayse - 2015
Advisor - Hans Buechler
Reconfiguring French Secularism: The Mosque As The New Multicultural Space of Young Muslims

Perry, Richard John – 1971                     
Advisor - Glynn Cochrane
The Apache Continuum: An Analysis Of Continuity Through Change In San Carlos Apache Culture And Society

Peshkova, Svetlana – 2006                     
Advisor - Robert A. Rubinstein
Otinchalar in the Ferghana Valley: Islam, Gender and Power

Pickett, David Wayne – 1970                  
Advisor - William Mangin
The Gypsies: An International Community Of Wandering Thieves

Pietruszka, Andrew - 2011
Advisor - Christopher DeCorse
"Artifacts of Exchange: A Multiscalar Approach to Maritime Archaeology at Elmina, Ghana"

Pippin, Douglas - 2010
Advisor - Christopher R. DeCorse
For Want of Provisions: An Achaeological and Historical Investigation of the British Soldier at Fort Haldimand (1778-84)

Platt, Sarah - 2022
Advisor - Theresa Singleton
Entangled Lives in a Southern Metropolis: An Archaeology of Legacies at 87 Church Street, Charleston, South Carolina (1734-1771)

Pribilsky, Jason – 2003                           
Advisor – Hans Buechler            
La Chulla Vida: Men, Migration And The Remaking Of Families In The Ecuadorian Andes And New York City

Preist Amati, Jill - 2011
Advisor - Robert Rubinstein
Meeting of the Minds: Perceptions of and Experiences with School- Based Mental Health Services

Ramchandani, Taapsi - 2020
Advisor Sue Wadley
Put a crapaud in a suit and people will vote for the PNM": A critical examination of patronage, loyalty, and the structuring force of party partisanship in Trinidad

Rao, Bhavana – 1995                             
Advisor –   Susan S. Wadley
“Is She Or Is She Not?” Female Sexuality, Gender Ideologies And Women’s Health In Tehri Garhwal, North India.

Rebovich, Samantha - 2011
Advisor - Theresa Singleton
Landscape, Labor, and Practices: Slavery and Freedom at Green Castle Estate, Antigua

Reeves, Matthew Bruce – 1997               
Advisor – Douglas Armstrong
“By Their Own Labor” Enslaved Africans’ Survival Strategies On Two Jamaican Plantations

Reid, Sean - 2022 (Distinction)
Advisor - Chris DeCorse
Fragmented Landscapes: An Archaeology of Transformations in the Pra River Basin, Southern Ghana

Reilly Matthew - 2014 
Advisor - Douglas Armstrong
At the Margins of the Plantation: Alternative Modernities and an Archaeology of the 'Poor Whites' of Barbados,

Rhoades, John Douglas – 1976                
Advisor - Susan S. Wadley
Language Use In Joke Characterizations: A Study Of Language Stereotypes In Kenya

Ricciardi, Christopher – 2004                  
Advisor – Christopher R. DeCorse
Changing Through The Century: Life At The Lott Family Farm In The Nineteenth Century Town Of Flatlands, Kings County, New York

Richard, Francois – 2007               
Advisor - Christopher R. DeCorse
From Cosaan to Colony = Exploring Archaeological Landscape Formations and Socio-Political Complexity in the Siin (Senegal), AD 500-1900

Richelson, Hildy – 1973                              
Advisor -
The Impact Of Countervailing Power On Relative Status: A Case Study

Roberts, Ralph Leon, III - 1975                
Advisor - William Mangin
Migration And Colonization In Colombian Amazonia: Agrarian Reform Or Neo-Latifundismo

Roache-Fedchenko, Amy - 2013
Advisor - Christopher De Corse
Technological Adaptation on the Frontier:  An Examination of Blacksmithing at Fort Michilimackinac 

Roggenkamp, Gerhard Heinrich – 1982    
Advisor - Glynn Cochrane
Germans And Gastarbeiter: A Study Of Prejudice

Runkle, Susan C – 2004                             
Advisor - Susan S. Wadley
Becoming Cosmopolitan: Constructing Gender and Power in Post- Liberalization Bombay

Saihjee, Aarti – 1998                             
Advisor - Susan S. Wadley
Structures Of Constraint : Engendering The Household, State And Economy In Jharkand, India

Salsedo, Andre Joseph – 1975                
Advisor - William Mangin
American Migration To Toronto: Influence On The Motivation To Emigrate

Sanchez, Shaundel - 2020
Advisor Robert Rubinstein
Alhamdulilah, We Live in a Muslim Country: Searching for Safety and Constructing Belonging

Sangarasivam, Yamuna – 2000              
Advisor – Susan S. Wadley
Liberation Tigers Of Tamil Eelam And The Cultural Production Of Nationalism And Violence: Representing The Integrity Of Nation And The Choice Of Armed Struggle

Santico, Realidad Quiroz – 1975               
Advisor – Susan S. Wadley
Capampangan Family And Social Organization: A Case Study

Sathaye, Sonali – 2002                          
Advisor – Susan S. Wadley
Performing American Culture:  Notions Of Emotion And Self In Two American Theatres

Schiappacasse, Paola - 2011
Advisor - Doug Armstrong
"Archaeology of Isolation: the 19th Century Lazareto de Isla de Cabras, Puerto Rico"

Schmidt, Larry Joseph – 1978                   
Advisor – Susan S. Wadley
The Social And Cultural Effects Of Commuting To Work In A Rural American Community

Selmeski, Brian - 2007                      
Advisor - Hans C. Buechler                             
Multicultural Citizens, Monocultural Men: Indigineity, Masculinity and Conscripion in Ecuador

Servigna, Ana - 2011
Advisor - Deborah Pellow
"Transforming the City: An Ethnography of Contested Public Space in Venezuela"

Singer, Valerie L - 2003                          
Advisor – John S. Burdick     
From The Mouth Of The Hummingbird: Values Of Activism Among Popular Environmentalists In Bahia, Brazil

Singh, Poonam - 1995                            
Advisor – Susan S. Wadley
Modernization Of A Craft Tie-Dyeing In Rajasthan, India

Shankar, Jishnu - 2011
Advisor - Aghoreshwar Bhagawan Ram Ji and the Aghor Tradition

Skoczen, Kathleen N. – 1995                   
Advisor – Hans C. Buechler
Processing Change In Almost Paradise: The Political Economy And Discourse Of Healing In Samana, Dominican Republic

Smith, John Nicholas Leith - 2008
Advisor – Christopher R. DeCorse
Archaeological Survey of Settlement Patterns in the Banda Region of West-Central Ghana: Exploring External Influences and Internal Responses in the West African Frontier

Smith, Maria - 2022
Advisor - Guido Pezzarossi
Weaving Subjects at the Obraje de Chincheros: Indigenous Contributions to the Colonial Aesthetic

Souza, Marcos - 2010  
Advisor - Christopher R. DeCorse
Spaces of Difference: An Archaeology of Slavery and Slave Life in a 19th Century Brazilian Plantation

Sozan, Michael - 1972
Advisor – Agehananda Bharati
The History Of Hungarian Ethnography

Spiers, Samuel - 2007                            
Advisor – Christopher R. DeCorse
The Eguafo Kingdom: Investigating Complexity in Southern Ghana

Steindorf, Sally - 2008                     
Advisor - Susan S. Wadley                              
Walking Against the Wind: Negotiating Television and Modernity in Rural Rajasthan

Suk, William - 2017 (Distinction)
Advisor - Deborah Pellow
Collaboration and Conflict in Transnationally-Dispersed Zimbabwean Families

Swanepoel, Natalie J - 2004                   
Advisor – Christopher R. DeCorse    
Too Much Power Is Not Good: War And Trade In Nineteenth Century Sisalaland, Northern Ghana

Theodoratus, Dorothea J. – 1971            
Advisor – Donn Hart
Identity Crises: Changes In Life Style Of The Manchester Band Of Pomo Indians

Thurman, Blake - 1979                           
Advisor – Hans Buechler
Americans In Bogotá: An Elite Ethnic Minority

Tuck, James Alexander – 1969                
Advisor – William Mangin
Iroquois Cultural Development In Central New York

Tway, Patricia Vale – 1974                     
Advisor – Susan S. Wadley
An Ethnography Of Communication In A China Factory: A Case Study Of An Occupational Jargon

Tyagi, Aditya K. – 1989                          
Advisor – Susan S. Wadley
A Study Of Tourist Culture In India: Insight And Implications

Voninski, Paul - 1975                             
Advisor – Richard B. Rosen
Reciprocal Change: The Case Of American Protestant Missionaries In China

Vu, Hong Ahn - 2012
Advisor - A. Peter Castro
Moral Economy Meets Global Economy: Risk, Vulnerability and Sustainable Livelihoods among Shrimp Farming Households in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta.

Warms, Richard Lee - 1987                     
Advisor – Deborah Pellow
Continuity And Changes In Patterns Of Trade In Southern Mali

Warner, Faith R. – 2001                          
Advisor – Hans C. Buechler
Lives On The Threshold In The Place Of Rocks And Hunger: The Impact Of Displacement And Encampment On Q’eqchi’ Women In Maya Tecun, Mexico

Warner-Smith, Alanna - 2022 (Distinction)
Advisor - Shannon Novak
Working Hands, Indebted Bodies: Embodiment of Inequality and Labor in an Era of Progress

Waters, Christopher K. - 2018 (Distinction)
Advisor - Chris DeCorse
Putting Forts in their Place: The Politics of Defense in Antigua, 1670-1785

Waters, William Thomas – 1990              
Advisor –  A. Peter Castro
Haitian Cultivators In Flux: Traditional And Modern Farming Practice In Pasbwadum, Haiti

Wehrer, Margaret – 2003                        
Advisor – John S. Burdick
Race And Racism In Women-Dominated Progressive Organizations

Weinstein, Alisa - 2019
Advisor Cecilia Van Hollen
Tailor Made in India: Jaipur's Masters of Cloth, Doctors of Clothing

West, Stanley A. – 1973                         
Advisor –Glynn Cochrane
The Mexican Aztec Society: A Mexican-American Voluntary Association In Diachronic Perspective

Wilson, Ian R. - 2014
Advisor - Susan S. Wadley
A Variously Understood Past: Negotiating History and Identity in Eastern Rajasthan

Wood, Margaret C. – 2002                      
Advisor – Douglas Armstrong
“Fighting For Our Homes:” An Archaeology Of Women’s Domestic Labor And Social Change In A Working-Class, Coal Mining Community, 1900-1930

Wright, Kathleen Hughes - 1986              
Advisor – Michael Freedman
Teenage Abortion And Family Structure: A Case Study In Eerie, New York

Wright, Rachel - 2013
Advisor- John Burdick
Making a Living at Making a Difference: Oppositional Consequences Among Employees

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