>Watch this video on Registration Basics to get started!  

Using MySlice for Registration

MySlice is Syracuse University’s Student Information Portal

Students will use MySlice to search for and register for classes, view grades, access the Financial Aid ‘To Do List’, obtain transcripts, and other important functions.  In order to use MySlice, you must login through https://myslice.syr.edu, using your NetID and password.  For technical issues with MySlice, please contact help@syr.edu.

Searching for Classes

MySlice has the most up-to-date information on classes, their location, and their availability.

In MySlice, classes are searchable by semester, subject area, keyword, and time.  In order to make sure you are searching most effectively, please make sure you select the right term using the top-most drop down.


The Office of the Registrar has created a number of help guides to assist students in registering for classes, available on their Registration – Getting Help page on answers.syr.edu. 

The three main actions taken in relation to registration are:

Add Classes

Students add classes to their schedule using the five digit class number for each class.  These can be found on the departmental course list or using the class search in MySlice’s enroll function.

First, add the five-digit number for the class.  Once you enter the five-digit number, it places your class in your shopping cart.  At this point, you can either add more classes to your cart, or continue to step 2.

Then, confirm your enrollment choice. Click Finish Enrolling in order to process the transaction.

Finally, you will see the outcome of the enrollment.

Drop Classes

Dropping classes removes them from your schedule. 

To start the process of dropping a class, click the check box next to the class that you wish to drop. 

Then, confirm your drop choice.  Click Finish Dropping in order to process the transaction

Finally, you can see the outcome of the drop.

Swap Classes

Swapping classes replaces one class with another in your schedule.

To start the process, you select the class you wish to swap, and the class you wish to replace it with.

Then, confirm your swap choices.  Click Finish Swapping in order to process the transaction


Please note that the Waitlist functionality in MySlice is not currently operational, instead the department uses an internal waitlist built off of the Qualtrics platform.  To submit a waitlist request, you will fill out a PAIA Departmental Waitlist request.

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