The Department of Anthropology at Syracuse University offers students majoring in anthropology the opportunity to pursue Departmental Distinction. Distinction is awarded to majors who successfully complete an advanced research project under the supervision of a faculty supervisor, and a second reader (at least one whom are in the Department of Anthropology). The project will involve significant library and/or field work, resulting in a paper of at least 30 pages in length. Students may pursue Distinction if their overall GPA is 3.4 and their GPA in Anthropology is 3.5. Upon successful completion of the project, the student shall receive the designation “Distinction” on his or her final academic transcript. Department distinction also, will be granted upon successful completion of the Renee Crown University Honors Program. (No additional paper is required however, paperwork must be completed)

The student begins to pursue Distinction in their junior year. The student starts by identifying a faculty member who will supervise the project. This faculty member will generally be someone the student already knows, or whom the student identifies in consultation with the Undergraduate Director or other Departmental adviser. Working closely with the project supervisor, the student will produce by the end of his or her junior year a three-page proposal outlining the questions to be pursued, the method to be adopted, and a relevant bibliography. In the student’s senior year, in close consultation with the project supervisor, the student will choose coursework that contributes to the successful completion of the project. The student will register for two independent study, distinction paper courses: ANT 495, usually in the fall, and ANT 496 (or honors ANT 499 )usually in the spring. These courses will allow the student to pursue intensely the proposed project. A first draft of the project will usually be completed by the end of spring break of the senior year. The draft is then read by the project supervisor and one other faculty members identified by the project supervisor. In the event that the two faculty members ask the student for revisions, these will be completed in time for the committee to offer a final evaluation by the end of the term. Students either receive Departmental Distinction; or no Distinction.

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