These syllabi titles are for informational purposes only, please note that the inclusion of a syllabus title only indicates that the course was previously offered at Syracuse University or SUNY ESF. Students interested in a particular course will need to contact the relevant department to determine if it is being scheduled again and, if so, whether registration is possible. At the bottom of the page, department links have been provided.

Faculty, if you would like your research methods course syllabus title to be included in the list below, please email your request and a current accessible copy of your syllabus to Christiane Pagé.

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Research methods course syllabus
ECN 422 Economic Statistics  Zhanhan Yu Fall 2020
ECN 505 Mathematical Economics Áron Tóbiás Fall 2020
ECN 521 Economics Statistics Gary V. Engelhardt Fall 2020
ECN 522 Econometrics Yulong Wang Fall 2020
ECN 605 Mathematics for Economists  William HorraceSummer 2020
ECN 620 Foundations of Econometrics   William HorraceSummer 2020
ECN 621 Econometrics I  Badi H. BaltagiFall 2020
ECN 622 Econometrics II Yulong WangSpring 2020
ECN 623 Econometrics III Alfonso Flores-LagunesSpring 2020
ECN 720 Panel Data and Spatial Econometrics Badi H. BaltagiFall 2020
ECN 720 Topics in the Economics of Education and Public Policy  Amy Ellen SchwartzFall 2020
EDU 647 Statistical Thinking & ApplicationsQiu WangFall 2019
EDU 737 Quantitative Research DesignJames BelliniFall 2016
EDU 791 Advanced Seminar in Quantitative Research MethodsQiu wangSpring 2017
EDU 810 Advanced Seminar: Qualitative Research (Part I)Dalia RodriguezFall 2019
EDU 815 Advanced Seminar: Qualitative Research (Part II)Dalia RodriguezSpring 2021
EST 603 Research Methods & DesignMary Collins and David SonnenfeldFall 2016
GEO 400/600 Spatial StorytellingJane M. Read and Rachel MayFall 2017
GEO 610 Geographic Qualitative MethodsNatalie KochSpring 2018
HST 801: HistoriographyAmy KallanderFall 2020
HST 803 Theories and Philosophies of History

Susan Branson

Spring 2021
HST 804 – Graduate Research SeminarTessa MurphySpring 2021
IDE 742 Introduction to Survey ResearchMoon-Heum Cho Spring 2021
IDE 843 Dissertation Research SeminarNick SmithFall 2016
IDE 850 Doctoral Seminar in Literature ReviewTiffany KoszalkaSpring 2017
PAI 705 Research Design for IR PractitionersSabina SchnellSpring 2017
PAI 705 Research Design for IR PractitionersJohn McPeakSpring 2017
PAI 721 Introduction to StatisticsLeonard LopooFall 2016
PAI 722 Quantitative Analysis: Program EvaluationSarah HamersmaSpring 2017
PAI 803 Research Methods for Public AdministrationRobert BifulcoFall 2016
PAI 804 Quantitative Methods IIDavid PoppSpring 2019
PAI 810 Applied Econometrics for Policy AnalysisSarah HamersmaSpring 2015
PSC 691 Logic of Political InquiryShana Kushner GadarianSpring 2018
PSC 693 Introduction to Quantitative Political AnalysisSeth JollyFall 2017 
PSC 700 Surveys and ExperimentsShana Kushner GadarianSpring 2022
SOC 318 Introduction to ResearchRebecca ScheweSpring 2017
SOC 319 Quantitative Methods in SociologyNazanin ShahrokniSpring 2017
SOC 513 Statistics for Social ScienceJanet WilmothFall 2016
SOC 606 Quantitative MethodsRebecca ScheweFall 2018
SOC 614 Qualitative MethodsPrema KurienFall 2016
SOC 714 Intermediate Social StatisticsJennifer Karas MontezSpring 2016
SOC 800 Mixed MethodsRebecca ScheweFall 2018
SOC 813 Advanced Social StatisticsJennifer Karas MontezFall 2016
SWK 361 Foundations of Social Work ResearchRyan D. HeathFall 2021

Cultural Foundations of Education

Environmental Sciences at SUNY ESF


Instructional Design, Development and Evaluation

Public Affairs and International Affairs

Political Science


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