This document describes how to create and publish Research Briefs.  Examples given here are specific to the Population Health Research Brief Series from the Lerner Center but may also be applicable to other research briefs. This link shows the research brief example from the front-end of the web site.

Logging into Sitefinity

Creating a Research Brief

  1. From the Dashboard go to Content > Research Articles

    content to research article menu

  2. Click the green "Create a research article" button on the right side of the page:

    Create brief

Research Brief Fields

The following fields are needed for Research Briefs to :

  • Title *

  • Summary

  • Book or article title *

  • Link to book or article title (surface main page link)

  • Authors (list)

  • Publish date *

  • Article content (i.e. Abstract)

  • Download links (Download Brief – PDF link)

  • Related people (not showing headshots)

  • Related unit (Research > Lerner)

  • Unit-Provided research and study areas

  • Article type (Population Health Research Brief Series)

*  These fields need to be filled out before you can Save as Draft

Individual field descriptions 


This will become the clickable link into the Research Brief and is limited to 100 characters.   This limitation is to ensure that it will fit across all Maxwell digital platforms (web site, newsletters, digital signage, etc).   There is a separate field below where the full title of the Brief will be entered.


This is the tease of information about the research that appears below the article title where automated listings of research briefs are displayed.  The summary should be written to complement, but not be redundant with the title.  The use of acronyms should be avoided. 

Summary field

Book or article title

Enter the full and proper title of this publication.  There are not any character number limitations on this field.

Research article full title

Link to book or article title

Link to where the research article is hosted. This makes the main title in article body a hyperlink to the address you enter here.  For Lerner Center Population Health Briefs this will be the page on where information about the research brief can be read.  Be sure to include https:// at the beginning of the web address.


Research publication authors

List the names of the authors of this publication.  Separate names with commas. 

Research publication date

Enter the month and year of publication. Both will be shown on the research brief when it is published.  Neither the date nor the time will be displayed on the page.  If no specific date is know, then select the 1st day of the month and ignore the time field.

Article content

This becomes the body of the Sitefinity page.  For Lerner Center Population Health Briefs the word "Abstract" should be placed above the text entered into this box and be made a bold heading level 2. 

To create a heading, select the "Abstract" text, click on the style chooser on the top left of the editing window and select Bold Heading 2 from the drop down list.

The text link (or links) placed in this field will be converted into orange buttons.  No other content is permitted in this field.

To make the link, enter the text you want to be placed inside the button and click on the link button in the toolbar:

Enter the destination address for the actual research file (i.e. PDF) download.  If linking off to another non-Maxwell website, check the box to Open think link in a new window.  Click Insert link to apply the link to the text you had selected.

Related people

This field allows you select relevant Maxwell people to associate with this research brief.  Their names will be presented in the sidebar of the article  as a link to their respective Maxwell directory page.   Our standard presentation does not checking the box to include headshots.


To add people, click the "+" button and search for the person's first or last name.  NOTE: this search function treats letter with accents differently from the same letter without an accent as we see in this example (García vs. Garcia).

Related unit

Select the unit(s) (i.e. Academic Department, Center or Institute) who produced this research. 

To add the unit click on the "+" sign and either search for the name or click on the Show all units and programs link to browse all available units.


Unit -provided research and study areas

These selections will become filterable choices on the front-end of the web site allowing web site visitors to find research by area.

These research areas can be selected by clicking the "+" sign and then searched for from the blue box or browsed to from the Show all link.  Please  choose from the options under YOUR unit entry.

Article type

Use this field to associate this publication with a specific category of research (i.e. Population Health Research Brief Series, Case, Journal Article, etc.).  Only one selection can be made.

Search engine optimization and social media

Each of these sections have a title and description.  These fields will be auto-populated by the article's main title and summary.  Each of these fields have character limits so they may need to be edited down in length. 

The search engine optimization field is used by Google and other search engines to better understand your content.  They may also use this text when listing your page in search results.  The social media fields will be referenced when this content is shared on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)

Previewing and Publishing

Unlike Sitefinity events and people listings, there users have the ability to publish research articles directly to the website without any review or approval process.  We suggest that when building the page to use the Save as draft and preview functions and which are located at the top of the page.  When the page is built and tested, click the Publish button at the top of the page to place it in its respective section of the Maxwell school web site. 

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