Second Language Proficiency

All students must demonstrate knowledge of a second modern language at the “advanced intermediate level”.[1]

Upon matriculating, students will identify the language used to fulfill this requirement. Students without two years of formal language instruction should inquire about alternative ways to demonstrate proficiency with the Director of Student Services.

Students may pursue graduate language study to meet the requirement and can count up to six credits of graduate language study toward the M.A. International Relations, counted as electives.

Taking language class at SU

Graduate students need to take a placement exam prior to taking a class. Please do note that the replacement exam would have to be in a language currently taught by the Department of Language, Literature and Linguistics

You will send an email to, and request access to a placement exam. The email should be sent according to the following instructions:

Subject: Grad Student SUID Number – Placement Exam

Body of email: Hello, I am a graduate student, First Name Middle Initial Last Name, SUID NUMBER, and I would like to request a placement exam.


Process to Enroll and Audit a class.

When enrolling in an undergraduate course language there are two forms that needs to be filled out.

1st Form: The first one, is a petition form to enroll in an undergraduate course and should be filled out as the following example form-petition-to-faculty_LanguageRequirementExample.pdf

To fill out a Petition to Faculty Form, please check the following link: form-petition-to-faculty_LanguageRequirement.pdf

2nd Form: The second one is an audit request. You will fill out the first section, “Student information”, and the second section “Audit”.  Fill out the form using the following link Audit Request_Language_Requirement.pdf

You will fill out the forms, sign it, collect the professor signature in both forms and send it or bring a hard copy to PAIA department at Eggers 215. Our department will collect the CHAIR signature and submit the forms to the office of registrar.

[1] The Department of Public Administration and International Affairs considers the advanced intermediate level met through the completion of four semesters of university-level language study.

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