Compared to Maxwell's previous Ektron web Content Management System where entire pages typically were edited, much content in Sitefinity is broken up into smaller elements which then become the building blocks used to construct full pages.  

One of primary advantages of building content in these smaller elements is that we have predetermined formatting of these smaller elements.  This removes much of the more complex work of building and maintaining these page elements.  These smaller page elements are also able to be shared on different pages across the website.  

Site maintainers may also receive permissions edit other more complex (full-page) types of content.  These would include people listings, events and publications.    Similar to Ektron, these types of content are highly-structured as they are made up of many individual fields containing small pieces of information.  Sitefinity has been programmed to handle most of the formatting of these elements as well.  

Examples of smaller page elements

  • Cards - used to feature small bits of related information in an attractive grid format:

    Example of cards in a grid

  • Spotlights - used to highlight people doing interesting things in Maxwell:

    Example of a spotlight

Examples of full content types

  • People listing (faculty, staff, students):

    Example of a faculty  listing

  • Publications

    Example of publication

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