All information in this guide is tentative and subject to change. Check the Political Science Department Office for updates. Information on rooms and times for the classes listed can be obtained from the university-wide Time Schedule of Classes or from the Political Science office.

“Cross listed” Courses”: These may be applied to a Political Science major or minor without a petition, regardless of the departmental prefix. For example, if you take African-American Politics as AAS 306, you do not need to petition to apply it to your Political Science major or minor.

"Meets With” Courses": If you take a “Meets With” course under a departmental prefix other than PSC, you will need to petition to count that course towards your Political Science major or minor.

Current information on rooms and times for classes can be obtained on your MySlice or from the Political Science office.

Summer 2024 Undergraduate Course Descriptions

Maymester (May 13 – 24)

Please keep in mind that ALL Maymester courses are extremely time-intensive; you are signing up for a 3.0 credit course and earning your grade for the course in a two-week period.  Please expect to expend your time during Maymester working on your course.

PSC 388.m800 Globalization and the Rise of Populism

Instructor: Almila Basak

Class #: 72463

Offered: ONLINE SYNC 05/13/2024 – 05/24/2024

Course Description:
This course examines the causes and consequences of globalization: who wins and who loses from political and economic globalization? In the second part of the semester, we will discuss the global rise of populism and question the relationship between globalization and the rise of populism in both Global North and Global South countries. This course is open to anyone interested in global politics.

PSC 344.m500 Politics of the Middle East

Instructor: Yael Zeira

Class #: 72464

Offered: ONLINE SYNC 05/13/2024 – 05/24/2024

Course Description:
This course offers a thematic approach to the study of contemporary Middle East politics and society. We will review the major questions that leading scholars and policymakers ask about the Middle East today. The class will proceed both thematically and chronologically, beginning with the region’s long-standing authoritarianism, proceeding to challenges to the long-time status quo (e.g. the Arab Uprisings of 2011), and ending with the ongoing, diverging consequences of these challenges. Geographically, the class will focus on Egypt, Syria, and Tunisia, as well as examine more general patterns and trends across the region.

Session I (May 20 – June 28 – no residential classes W 6/19)

PSC 121 m001 American National Government & Politics

Instructor: Brock Titlow

Class #: 70003

Offered: ONLINE SYNC 05/20/2024 – 06/27/2024

Course Description: American political institutions. Basic principles embedded in structure and practices of American government. Practical consequences of this political system for the citizen. Credit is given for PSC 121 or PSC 129, but not both.

PSC 202 m001 American National Government & Politics

Instructor: Aysenur Deger

Class #: 72462

Offered: ONLINE SYNC 05/20/2024 – 06/28/2024

Course Description:
The purpose of this course, required for political science majors, is to build skills for conducting, interpreting, and presenting political science research. These skills include: basic research and data collection practices, techniques for measuring political science concepts quantitatively, hypothesis testing, interpretation of statistical evidence, and the presentation of findings in a clear and compelling manner. Tying these components together is a thematic focus on important political science concepts such as democracy, power, or representation.

PSC 355 u800 International Political Economy

Instructor: Dan McDowell

Class #: 70233

Offered: ONLINE ASYNC 05/20/2024 – 06/28/2024

Course Description:
Institutions and politics of international economic relations. Trade, investment, macro-economic policy coordination, economic development, global resource issues, and the causes and consequences of global economic integration.

Session II (July 1 – August 9)

PSC 123 m001 Comparative Government & Politics

Instructor: Ivy Raines

Class: 70380

Offered: IN-PERSON – MTWTh, 2:00 pm -3:45 pm

Course Description:
Comparison of selected governmental institutions, individual and collective political actors, and issues across the industrialized and developing world. Particular attention to dynamics of socioeconomic and political change

PSC 124 m001 International Relations

Instructor: Michael McCall

Class: 70326

Offered: IN-PERSON – MTWTh, 10:00 am – 11:45 am

Course Description:
Foreign policy, decision making, comparative foreign policy, international transactions, and the international system. Credit is given for PSC 124 or PSC 139, but not both.

Please note: In some cases, the College of Professional Studies’ website may present an edited version of the descriptions listed below.

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