Transferring Credit from Another College/University

To find out if credit will transfer you must:
• Complete a Transfer Credit Petition in advance. Complete the form with all pertinent information. Please make sure to sign at the bottom of your petition form.

  1. You will need to attach a syllabus that includes the name of the class instructor, instructor contact information, and corresponds to the term in which you will take the course.
  2. Obtain required signature
  3. Submit the approved Petition to: College of Arts & Sciences Student Records Office in 323 Hall of Languages.

To receive credit you must:
• Take the course (it must be the one you petitioned)
• Earn a grade of C or better. No pass/fail or courses taken for credit (CR) may transfer.
• Request the institution to send an official transcript to: Student Records Office College of Arts & Sciences 323 Hall of Languages Syracuse University Syracuse, NY 13244-1170
Final credit is awarded based upon the information and credit contained on the transcript.

Other things you should know:
• Only the credits will transfer, not the grade.
•Petitions should be submitted at least two weeks prior to the start of the course in question and/or before fees are paid.
• You cannot receive credit for the same course twice. We cannot accept in transfer a course for which you have already received credit at SU. It is considered duplicate credit.
• The Petitions are reviewed on the basis of the course description you submit and the information you provide on the Petition. We do not review your record while reviewing the Petition. It is your responsibility to know your records.
• To be eligible to serve as equivalent to an SU ECN 300-level elective, classes taken at other institutions must require principles of economics. As an example, classes for which prerequisites read “microeconomics or permission of the instructor” will be denied.

• The same guidelines as above apply to petitions for 400-level ECN credit with the exception that 400-level classes must require intermediate economic theory.

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