The purpose of the Unit and Program Relationships selector is to create connections between a person's listing in Sitefinity and all the relevant pages where this person's profile should appear throughout the site.   The examples below illustrates how to use this selector with faculty listings.  Student and staff listings operate similarly, but are significantly less complicated in that most students and staff typically have a single relationship with a unit.

Overview: Faculty Example

Using Professor Devashish Mitra from the Economics Department as an example, let's review his profile and use it as an example demonstrating how the Unit and Programs Relationship selector works.   

Professor Mitra is associated with following four units:

  • Economics Department
  • International Relations Undergraduate Program
  • Public Administration & International Affairs
  • Moynihan Institute of Global Affairs

Faculty are further classified into one of four sub-categories based on their relationship with the unit:

  • Department Faculty
  • Tenure/Tenure-track Faculty
  • Emeriti Faculty
  • Courtesy & Affiliate Faculty

Additionally, faculty may also serve in Leadership roles in the unit.  These include being either:

  • Chair
  • Director

These relationships are chosen through a series of associations made in the "Unit and Program Relationships section of a person's listing. 

Clicking the "+" icon  allows you to make and review the selected choices:

Expand the unit to create the necessary relationships under Relationship, Faculty Type, and Leadership:

This process of building accurate associations gets repeated for each unit and results in a "Selected" list that looks like this:

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