This page explains how to update people listings in Sitefinity.  Editing faculty listings is the focus of this page.  However, the process for updating staff and student listings is very similar (and much more simple).  

Permission to edit

Permission to edit Maxwell faculty listings will be granted after the requestor receives training.  If you need to be trained please email   You may also reach out through this email address if you already have permission to edit but need a refresher on the faculty editing process. 

These Maxwell web pages are examples of how Sitefinity people listings are presented in a unit:

Editing workflow and approvals

Changes made to faculty listings go through an approval process before the change(s) will be seen on the live web site.   When submitting updates to a faculty listing, the editor will be presented with a dialog box where notes of what was changes should be entered.   Including this information will speed up the process and allow the Maxwell Communications team to more quickly publish your changes so they become live on the website. 

Questions regarding this approval process?  Email   

Adding new faculty?

There are a few important steps that are relevant when creating a new faculty listing vs. editing an existing listing.   This help page details how to create a new faculty listing.

Removing faculty

If you have faculty who are leaving the University and/or Maxwell, please email to request this removal and explain why the faculty listing should be removed. 

Log in and get started

All of the help pages below presume the editor is already logged into Sitefinity. 

Need help logging in?  See this help page on how to login.  

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