HR and Payroll Systems
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New simpler processes and one modern system will be the result of an effort underway to improve decades-old timekeeping systems and core Human Resources transactions (e.g., iJANs and Appointments) . The upgrades are planned for launch on July 30 and MySlice will remain the main access portal.

This project will bring more efficiency and reliability to the way employees record their time, whether they are hourly employees tracking time or salaried employees reporting exceptions. The improved system replaces paper punch cards, paper timesheets and manual data entry with technology to swipe ID cards or online entry including mobile devices.

The HR system and process changes are designed to reduce administrative burdens across the university.

Training and reference materials to prepare student employees, faculty and staff for the change will be released in July, and additional support will be in place as the 2018-19 academic year gets underway.

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