Student Research Assistance

  • At hourly rates + fringe benefits (7.65%). Typical rates based on assigned tasks and qualifications are as follows:
    • $15/hr for undergraduate students
    • $15-20/hr for master’s students
    • $20-25/hr for doctoral students
  • Please work with Business Office to hire students


  • SOE Travel Request Form
    • Travel on Research Subsidy funding is separate from Faculty Travel and Research funding
    • It may be combined with Faculty Travel and Research funding
  • GSA per diem
  • IRS Mileage
    • Use the Internal Revenue Service to calculate standard mileage rates
    • Mileage only applicable when using personal vehicle
    • Gas is not reimbursed, Tolls and Parking can be

Purchased Services

  • Such as transcription, translation, subscriptions, memberships

Materials & Supplies

  • Books, office supplies, etc.
  • Includes computers and software.
    • Must be purchased through the IT department ( and will be property of SU.

Collaborating with Others Outside SU


  • Publication of research or project findings is an important strategy to disseminate award results.
  • Some journals have page charges or other fees associated with the costs of public access.

Research Participants

  • Subject to SU Institutional Review Board approval
  • Occasionally research participants are recruited with incentives for participation.
  • Please discuss any potential usage of research subsidy funds for this purpose with the SOE Budget Director prior to engaging with potential participants.
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