This form is used to request reimbursement for an employee’s of out of pocket expenses related to University business. This form is not to be used to request reimbursement of travel expenses. However, it may be used to reimburse local mileage.

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A link to the form can be found here

Completion Instructions

You can complete this form using excel by tab through it for ease of entering information. Please note that the excel form does start with the SUID not date, but the instructions below start with date.

  1. Date
    1. enter the date that the form is being completed
  2. SUID
    1. This is the SUID of the employee seeking expenses reimbursement 
  3. Employee Name
    1. This is the name of the employee seeking expenses reimbursement
  4. Campus Information
    1. Department
      1. The department that is completing the form and/or the department where the check should be sent to via inner office mail.
    2. Address
      1. the physical location of the department you would like the check sent to. Building and Room number are normally sufficient.
  5. Prepared By
    1. Enter your name or the name of the person who completed the form
  6. Extension
    1. enter the extension that someone should call with questions regarding the reimbursement request. Typically this is the extension of the person completing the form.
  7. Supervisor Name
    1. This is the name of the supervisor of the employee who is requesting reimbursement.
  8. Description of Items to be reimbursed
    1. Date
      1. date of the transaction 
    2. Business Purpose
      1. short description of the transaction
    3. Amount
      1. amount of the transaction

        Business Purpose

        If multiple transactions are being cited you can use each line for a new transaction or make a general statement here and attach back up to the reimbursement request prior to submitting to the reimbursement request.

  9. Chart String 1 (and Chart String 2 if needed)

    1. This area denotes the fund, department, program, and account you will be charging the expense to. These numbers together reference a specific accounting location known at the University as a Chart String.

    2. Chart String areas that must be completed include:

      1. Fund
      2. Department
      3. Program
      4. Account
    1. Additional areas that must be completed if using a sponsored chart string (typically a fund 13):
      1. Project
      2. Activity

      3. Budget Reference also known as a "Bud Ref"

        a MyCode is not a required field; however, use of a MyCode allows for tracking of revenues or expenses in a more specific manner. If you are using a MyCode ensure that it is correct and that you know what it is for.

You have completed the form, but it still needs to be signed and submitted.

  1. Have the employee seeking reimbursement sign the form
  2. Have the employee's supervisor sign the form
  3. Have an authorized signor sign below the Chart Strings for the expenses
    1. If you do not know who the authorized signor is contact the Business Office Staff
    2. If the form is submitted to the Business Office for signature they will submit the form as needed
  4. For General Fund Reimbursements the form can be submitted to Disbursements at Disburse@syr.edu

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