This protocol addresses the steps that various SOE administrative offices must take to onboard a faculty or staff member once hired, or once a faculty or staff member has separated. Because multiple offices have a vital role to play in onboarding and exiting staff/faculty efficiently and securely, it is important that SOE personnel communicate among each other.

Hires/Exits Listserv

  • The Hires/Exits Listserv——is the most efficient way to communicate among administrative offices.

  • Computer Consultant (Shannon Thibault) will be the champion of the listserv.
  • Hires/Exits Listserv will include the following personnel:
    • Associate Dean for Administration
    • Executive Assistant to the Dean
    • Coordinator, Office of the Dean
    • Director, Marketing and Communications
    • Digital Communications Specialist
    • Budget Director
    • Budget Office Administrative Specialist
    • Information Technology ManagerComputer Consultant x2  

Points of Contact & Internal Communications Procedure

Full-time Staff Hires/Exits

  • SOE’s Business Services Administrative Specialist tracks full time staff hires, including those for the Center on Disability and Inclusion, the Center for Academic Achievement and Student Development, and the Center for Experiential Pedagogy and Practice.
  • The Business Services Administrative Specialist liaises with SOE’s Talent Acquisition Manager (via SU Human Resources) on all SOE full-time staff hires.
  • During the hiring process, SU HR will inform the SOE Business Office ( when it has:
    • Received signed Offer Letter
    • Sent a Welcome Letter.
  • HR also will send a regular report via Tableau HR software listing all hires/exits to the Associate Dean for Administration, Budget Director, and Budget Office Administrative Specialist
  • Once the Budget Office Administrative Specialist receives notice of a hire/exit, other SOE offices will be informed via the listserv.

Full-time Faculty Hires

  • The Associate Dean for Administration is typically the point of contact for full-time faculty hires.
  • Therefore, once Letter of Employment is signed, either the Associate Dean or the Executive Assistant to the Dean will initiate internal communications with Hires/Exits Listserv
  • SOE Dean, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Faculty Director of Undergraduate Studies, and Faculty Director of Graduate Studies, and direct (i.e., program) supervisor

Full-time Faculty Exits

  • There is no clear SU protocol for this situation, although typically the Office of the Dean is notified.
  • Therefore, either the Associate Dean or the Executive Assistant to the Dean will initiate internal communications.

Part-time or Temporary Hires/Exits

  • The Budget Office Administrative Specialist will alert the listserv for the hire/exit of part-time and/or temporary staff/faculty, when they require or have had:
    • Building access (BOSS system, keys)
    • Technology or tech access
    • Listing on the staff directory

Required Information in Hire/Exit Internal Communication

  • Name:
  • Title:
  • Department/Program:
  • Tentative Start Date1:
  • SUID2:
  • NetID (if known)3:
  • Phone ext. (if known):
  • Notes: Hire, Exit, or Transfer (if so, from where)

1. “Tentative” as there are still steps that take place after an Offer Letter has been sent (i.e., vaccination protocols)
2. SUIDs are generated once an Offer Letter has been signed.
3. SU NetIDs are generated once the hire process is complete. They must be activated by the employee by completing the steps outlined in the Welcome Letter. NetIDs are generated by SU Human Resources, although they are only made active by the employee (two-factor authentication).

Official SOE Employee Directory

  • The official SOE Employee Directory is the website directory:
    • As of April 2023, the PDF print directory has been deprecated.
    • A printable version of the online directory will serve as the hard copy directory.
  • The Digital Communications Specialist is the champion of the online directory.
  • The Director of Marketing and Communications will arrange to have the employee’s photo taken for the online directory.
  • All employees must list their desk phone extension.

Hires/Exits Functions

Office of the Dean

Associate Dean for Administration
Executive Assistant to the Dean

  • Hires/Transfers In
    • Add to existing staff/faculty calendar reminders (e.g., Assembly)
    • Gather existing biography/photo
    • Arrange for introduction at next Assembly
    • Create employee folder on G drive
    • (Full-time faculty) Add to Promotion and Tenure spreadsheet

Coordinator, Office of the Dean

  • Hires/Transfers In
    • Order non-technical supplies
    • Set up office/workstation
    • Liaise with new employee about HR onboarding tasks
  • Hires/Transfers In & Exits
    • Building access (BOSS system)
    • Office and building keys

 Marketing & Communications

Director, Marketing and Communications
Digital Communications Specialist

  • Hires/Transfers In
    • Arrange headshot photo
    • Write and disseminate announcement
      • Internal Communications: staff member
      • Press Release: new faculty
  • Hires/Transfers In & Exits
    • Amend website (official) directory

Budget Office

Budget Director
Budget Office Administrative Specialist

  • Hires/Transfers In
    • Initiate internal communications
  • Exits
    • Initiate internal communications
    • Liaise with HR to open new position

Technology Support1

Information Technology Manager
Computer Consultant

  • Hires/Transfers In
    • Send SOE Technology Welcome email to alternate email account (pre-NetID set-up)
    • Add NetID to G drive, printers, shared emails, shared calendars, MS Teams
    • Confirm technology needs and procure, build, or install
    • Review SOE technology resources with new employee
    • Access removal/additions as needed
  • Exits
    • Disable NetID and Email (if appropriate)
    • Obtain purchased/loaned equipment
    • Remove from listservs (and add emeritus to emeritus listserv)
    • Remove from AD groups, networks, shared email/calendar, MS Teams, printers
    • Request that exits:
      • Remove personal files from network drives
      • Move work-related files from H drive into G: drive locations
      • Unsubscribe SU listservs and transfer ownership, if owner/manager
      • Remove from email/calendar delegation or shared calendars
      • Transfer ownership of platforms (e.g., social media accounts, Qualtrics Surveys, etc.)

1. Older Hires/Exits/Transfers IT tasks can be found in G:\SOE\EMPLOYEEACCESS (TASK NewHire, TASK Exit, TASK transferIN, TASK TransferOut)

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