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This protocol is designed to help faculty and staff plan a successful SOE event. Please keep in mind that SOE staff are here to assist, but they cannot provide support if they are not communicated with in a clear and timely fashion.

In general, these guidelines should help you get started; however, large events or events with multiple aspects may require more planning and/or in-person planning meetings. In those cases, staff can work with you to build a planning process that is mutually beneficial.

Staff Points of Contact

Before You Begin

  • For the best results, please begin planning for your events at least four weeks in advance.
  • Almost every event requires money to be spent on a service—whether it’s rental space, technology equipment, or food. Before beginning your planning, please check with the Business Office to a) determine the budget for your event, and b) secure a “chart string” that you can share with us as you plan.
  • All SOE Events must be fully accessible and inclusive. Please visit the University’s Diversity and Inclusion website for an Inclusive Event Planning Guide.

Dates, Times, and Locations

  • When selecting a date, time, and location for your event, please look at the Syracuse University events calendar to see what other events—both at the University at the SOE—are happening that day. You can also check with the Dean’s Office if you think there is the potential for internal conflicts.
  • Please refer to the SOE Facilities Answers page for information on booking a Huntington Hall location for your event, including availability calendars and booking instructions:
  • Please keep in mind and plan for the fact that your guests may have mobility needs.
  • Keep in mind that events scheduled outside of the normal workday or workweek may be subject to additional costs for custodians, and office coordinators, IT support, and other staff may not be available to assist you with set-up or take-down of your event.
  • If you will be hosting an event outside of Huntington Hall, please make sure that you read and follow any policies for those spaces. Spaces outside of Huntington Hall are likely going to charge for use of their spaces. Please be ready to provide them with a chart string to pay for your rental fee.
  • You are highly encouraged to visit any space that you are planning to use to check the room layout, technology access, and accessibility.

Ordering Food

  • Keep in mind that, with limited exceptions, SU Campus Catering must be used to provide food.
  • To order from SU Campus Catering, you need to give at least 12 business days’ notice.
  • To order form SU Campus Catering, your group needs to be at least 12 people.
  • If you do not have 12 people in your group, please reach out to us ahead of time to figure out catering. Staff would still appreciate the 12 days notice, so we have time to plan.
  • SU Campus Catering menus are located on the SU Campus Catering website. You should peruse the menus and have an idea of what you’d like to order before you contact us.
  • You must provide a chart string when ordering food.
  • Be sure to keep in mind that people have various dietary restrictions. When possible, it is preferable to survey people. Staff can email you a form that can be used for this.
  • SU Campus Catering will send a contract ahead of the event. It is your responsibility to check the details (date, time, location, food quantities) and communicate whether it is accurate. Once you have approved the contract, staff will get it signed and send it back to Catering.

Providing Parking

  • If you have a visitor coming to campus and need to provide them with complimentary parking, please email us with the name of the person, the date and time of their visit, the reason for their visit, what parking lot you would like for them to park in, and which chart string to charge the parking to. We need all this information to make a reservation. Reservations should be made at least 2 business days in advance.
  • For larger events, please work with staff to contact parking services and arrange for group parking. Group parking should be arranged at least one week in advance of your event.
  • View parking and campus maps.

Hotel Accommodations

  • If you have a visitor coming to campus and need to provide them with a hotel accommodation, please reach out to staff as soon as you know.
  • The following information is required: date of arrival, date of departure, name of the guest, and chart string to charge the accommodations to.
  • This process takes a while, so please communicate at least two weeks ahead of time!

Promoting Your Event

  • We encourage you to start your own flier (for posting around the school or campus) using templates that are on Answers. This flier should be shared with Marketing and Communications to ensure it is brand compliant.
  • If you need assistance making an HTML email message (the best, most accessible option for forwarding via email or posting to ListServs), please contact Marketing and Communications.
  • Information about SOE ListServs can be found on the Technology Support Group’s Answers pages.
  • If you need assistance making documents accessible, please use the guide on Answers. If after visiting the guide on Answers you still need assistance, please contact the Digital and Social Media Specialist.
  • To have your event appear on the Syracuse University events calendar, submit your information to:
  • Advancement and Alumni Relations publishes the EdExchange monthly newsletter is an email blast to students, faculty, staff, and alums. Submissions are due no late that the first of the month; the email is sent out the secondWednesday of each month
  • Advancement and Alumni Relations also publishes an Events email, a monthly email blast to students, faculty, staff, and alums. Event submissions are due no later than the 15th of the month; the email is usually sent around the first of the month (depending on day of the week)
  • To have your event added to the digest, please email the Development Assistant with the Event title, event contact, date/time/location, calendar listing URL, and registration link (if applicable)
  • To promote your event on SOE’s official social media channels, reach out to our Digital and Social Media Specialist.

Set-Up and Take-Down

  • Staff are happy to assist in setting up and taking down your event when schedules allow.
  • Please make sure that you ask about our availability for assisting with the actual implementation of your event. In some cases, staff may not be available, and you will need to recruit colleagues or students to assist you.

 Materials and Supplies

  • Let staff know if you need staff to gather materials and supplies for your event (e.g., chart paper, markers).

SOE Swag

  • SOE Swag can be ordered from Academic and Student Services. Please email to request the catalog and to order, or set up a time to stop by and see samples.
  • Please provide a chart string for the purchase.


  • When planning an event that includes presentations, CART and microphones must be used.
  • CART and other technology requests should be made approximately three weeks ahead of time as schedules fill up fast.
  • Requests for technology should first be made to LEMP via this form. If LEMP is unable to assist you, please email staff to find an alternative.
  • CART services have to be arranged with a transcriptionist. You can view CART provider contact info at this Answers page. Professional Reporting Services are recommended.
  • Please provide a chart string for billing purposes for LEMP and CART.
  • If guests require access to the wireless network, they can use “AirOrange guest.”
  • If you require assistance from SOE Technology Support Group for tech logistics for an event, send an email to with at least one week advance notice.
  • If you’d like to see the technology available in a room, check out the SU classroom resource guide on Answers.

Securing Event Sponsors

  • Sponsors are a great way to increase your event’s reach and its budget. Before soliciting sponsorships, please reach out to the Director of Marketing and Communications to ensure you are following appropriate University-protocols and using logos appropriately.

Minors on Campus

  • Special rules apply when your event includes hosting minors (children under the age of 18) on campus. Please visit Risk Management’s website to learn more.

Huntington Hall Facilities Access

  • If your event requires the building to be open beyond normal business hours, please reach out to the Associate Dean for Administration.
  • People hosting events in Huntington Hall are responsible for moving their own furniture (and returning the spaces to their original conditions after the event) and making sure that all food and trash are taken care of the conclusion of the event.
  • If you need access to the closet in the Jacquet Education Commons or keys to other spaces in Huntington Hall, please reach out the Dean’s Office Coordinator.


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