Requisitions are used to pay invoices from a vendor or make a payment to an outside agency. The image below is a blank requisition with numbers to indicate fields/areas that need to be completed.

Please note that photography services can now be processed on a Requisition, but must include the new photography services agreement. You can find additional information regarding this process here. The agreement document can be accessed directly here.

Items 1 & 2- Requisition Date & Chartstring

  1.  Enter the Requisition Date or the date that you are physically completing the requisition
  2. Chart String and Sponsored Awards/Cost Sharing
    1. This area denotes the fund, department, program, and account you will be charging the expense to. These numbers together reference a specific accounting location known at the University as a Chart String.
    2. Chart String areas that must be completed include:
      1. Fund
      2. Department
      3. Program
      4. Account
    3. Additional areas that must be completed if using a sponsored chart string (typically a fund 13):
      1. Project
      2. Activity
      3. Budget Reference also known as a "Bud Ref"

A MyCode is not a required field; however, use of a MyCode allows for tracking of revenues or expenses in a more specific manner. If you are using a MyCode ensure that it is correct and that you know what it is for.

Item 3- Requested By & Prepared By Fields

Requested By is typically the person authorizing the payment

Prepared By is the name of the person completing the requisition form


There is a place to put a phone extension here. If there is a question regarding the requisition this information will allow disbursements or purchasing to contact the person completing the form or the requester of the payment.

Item 4- Requesting Department Information

Provide the name and address of your department

This does not need to be a full address block. For example you can use your room and building name (i.e. 270 Huntington Hall).

Item 5 through 5d- Vendor/Purchase Information

A) Vendor Name and Number

The Vendor Name is sufficient and should be able to be found on the invoice being paid or if this is a payment to an individual use their first and last name.

B) Order Date/Invoice Date

Invoice Date if you have an invoice or the date that the work was performed if an individual

C) Terms

These are the invoice payment terms if not referenced on the invoice Net 30 is assumed

D) Total Cost

This is the total payment being made at this time

Item 6- Item Descriptions

This area is used to describe what is being purchased or paid for. If an invoice breaks down the items purchased these can be listed in this section. Otherwise a brief description of the purpose of the items will suffice

Item 7- Hand Written Approvals

This is the section where the authorized signor for the chart string used signs the requisition

Now What?

You have completed the Requisition, but what now? Based on the Chart String used the requisition can be routed to one of 3 areas.

Fund 11- Disbursements

Sponsored Chart String- Sponsored Accounting 211 Lyman Hall

Restricted Chart String- Restricted Accounting 621 Skytop Rd Suite 100

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