Faculty/Staff Listservs

  • School of Education faculty/staff listservs are organized in a tree.
  • Lists closer to the top of the tree include members of the lists directly below them.
  • There is also a listserv outside of the tree structure for all full-time employees. 
  • You can email to any of these addresses and the address above would include the members of the addresses below it. 
  • Messages sent to any listserv will be first sent to the list moderator for approval. 

a flow chart showing the tree of school of education listservs branching relationships. the same information is given in a table further down on this page

List Email AddressMembership of the List
SOE-Faculty-FT@listserv.syr.eduFull Time Faculty
SOE-Faculty-PT@listserv.syr.edu Part Time Faculty


Emeritus Faculty
SOE-Staff-Reg@listserv.syr.eduRegular Staff
SOE-Staff-Temp@listserv.syr.eduTemporary Staff
SOE-Fac-All@listserv.syr.eduFull Time and Part Time Faculty (SOE-Faculty-FT and SOE-Faculty-PT)
SOE-Staff-All@listserv.syr.eduRegular and Temporary Staff (SOE-Staff-Reg and SOE-Staff-Temp)
SOE-FacStaff-FT@listserv.syr.eduFull Time Faculty and Regular Staff (SOE-Faculty-FT and SOE-Staff-Reg)
SOE-All@listserv.syr.eduALL faculty, staff, and emeriti faculty (members of all other listservs)

Administrative Listservs

List Email AddressMembership of the List
SOE-DeansCouncil@listserv.syr.eduMembers of the SOE Dean's Council
SOE-AcadAdmins@listserv.syr.eduAdministrative Assistants from the SOE Academic Departments
SOE-Prog-Admins@listserv.syr.eduAdministrative Assistants from the SOE Centers, Institutes and other Programs
SOE-Fac-Tenure@listserv.syr.eduTenure and Tenure Track Faculty members in SOE

Student Listservs

List Email AddressMembership of the List
gradnews@listserv.syr.eduCurrent SOE graduate students
ugnews@listserv.syr.eduCurrent SOE undergraduate students

Alumni Listservs

List Email AddressMembership of the List
soe-bov@listserv.syr.eduCurrent Advisory Board members
bov_emeritus@listserv.syr.eduFormer Advisory Board members
bov_all@listserv.syr.eduBoth current and former Advisory Board members

Other Listservs

List Email AddressMembership of the List
SOE-University@listserv.syr.eduNon-SOE senior leaders and other VIPs across the University, primarily to receive EdExchange HTML newsletter
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