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You can use your android or iOS device for scanning documents.

The below instruction will assist in the set up of 

Initial Set-Up

Download the smartphone app from the Google Play or the App Store of apple store (for android or iOS devices). The app symbol looks like this:

Capturing Your Document

  1. From your phone, click on the Microsoft Office Lens app

  2. The first time, allow the app access to your camera and photos applications

  3. Select the  ፧  symbol in the top right hand corner of the screen

  1. Select Settings and then Under Account Sign In

  2. Sign In using your NETID and password

  3. Swipe until you select “document” as the picture type

  4. Ensure that the document is within the organe frame that focuses on the image

  5. Press the capture button (big white button)

    1. Press confirm to complete the capture

    2. Press add if you have additional pages to add to the capture document 

    3. Once all frames are captured press done

  • You can change the Title (file name) as needed 

    • Tip: Talk to text works well

  • Below the title are a variety of ways to save and share. It is recommended that you select PDF.

    • Once PDF is selected you have the option to select Save To:

      • Phone Storage

      • OneDrive

    • Select OneDrive

  1. The file will now be available on your work PC through the OneDrive folder in Finder

    1. Please note that it may take your PC awhile to update. Try connecting via the OneDrive app in the start menu.

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