The stipend form is used to pay a graduate student directly. Please note this is not for payroll purposes. Typically a stipend is part of a scholarship or fellowship. 

You can find the Stipend Form here. The Form is located under the Office of Sponsored Accounting, General Accounting or Restricted Accounting heading.

To find it faster you can use the search function.  Hit Ctrl + F and type in stipend and hit enter.

It is an MS Excel form that looks something like this:

The primary areas you will be completing are the Stipend Chartstring (where the payment will come from) and the Recipient information.

Complete the header block first filling in the following:

  1. Stipend Chartstring
  2. Requested By
  3. Authorized Signer Name

Ensure that you have the following information to complete the remainder of the form:

  1. Student SUID
  2. Student First and Last Name
  3. Reason for the payment (ie Fall Planning Assistance)
  4. Citizenship
    1. If you do not know the student citizenship this can be found in MySlice under Identification Data: MySlice>Workforce Administration>Personal Information>Citizenship>Identification Data
  5. Monthly Amount (Total Payment Amount)
  6. Number of Payments (# of Pymts)
  7. Payment Month

Once completed the authorized signor must sign.

Now What?

You have completed the Stipend form, but what now? Based on the Chart String used the stipend can be routed to one of 3 areas.

Fund 11- Disbursements

Sponsored Chart String- Sponsored Accounting 211 Lyman Hall

Restricted Chart String- Restricted Accounting 621 Skytop Rd Suite 100

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