A travel voucher allows for reimbursement of employee travel expenses when they travel on university business. 

The travel voucher excel form is located on the Comptroller's Website under Forms and then under the disbursements heading. 

Download the Travel Voucher here

Completion Instructions

Please follow the instructions listed in the excel form to complete

Per Diem

Per Diem

In the event that a faculty or staff member received a per diem during their travel a per diem rate sheet must be completed and submitted with the travel voucher. You can complete a per diem sheet using the US General Service Administration Site.

To Confirm Per Diem Rates:

  1. Select the relevant Fiscal Year
  2. Select the relevant State
  3. Enter the City or Zip Code
  4. Click Find Rates Button

Print the relevant Per Diem Rates section and submit with the hard copy or PDF travel voucher.

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