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Often we all work with PDFs, from scanned documents to Procard reconciliations you've probably handled at least a dozen PDFs in the past. The content below will give you a rough overview of working with Adobe PDFs using Adobe Acrobat DC.

Converting Other File Types into a PDF

More often than not a document doesn't start as a PDF. It may start as a word or excel file. Often we also work with image files, pictures from cell phones or screenshots. An easy way to convert these into a PDF is print to PDF. 

Image files

Lets try this with an image file first:

image files come in multiple formats: .png, jpg, jpeg, etc... When you open an image file in windows it often opens in the Photos app. It should look something like the below. The image we happen to be working with is just a little piggy bank, but this process will work for any image file you have.

Press the print button that looks like this 

If you cant'd find this button try making the window bigger or click on the three dots  in the top right corner of the window

Select Print. The Print Window (dialogue box) opens. under the printer drop down box select Adobe PDF (yellow highlight in picture) or Microsoft Print to PDF (green highlight in picture)

Now select Print

The image now prints as a PDF file. You have to pick where you want to save it. I recommend you save it to your desktop or in a folder you are using to store all the individual PDFs that you want to combine into a single document.

You can change the page orientation or the photo size if it helps to better see what you are trying to print, but most of the time everything you need will be available in the PDF, even if the new PDF doesn't seem that great.

Generally the process for printing Word and Excel files to PDF is the same. Except you have the added option of just saving a Word or Excel file as a PDF docuemnt.

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Combining PDFs into a Single Document/File

Once you have all your files that you want to combine changed into PDFs you can now merge them all into a single PDF file. As an example we are going to combine a bunch of PDF forms into a single document.

First, open one of the PDFs. *Tip: Open the file that will be the first page that you want to see when you open your large document.

Next select the Organize Pages icon from the tools menu at the top of the window.

Now select the organize pages icon under the Create & Edit Section.

You now see your document as a set of pages rather than looking at a specific page. From here you can drag and drop (copy) other PDFs into your document or insert them using the insert function.

Additionally if you have multiple PDF files open this way you can drag and drop (copy) individual pages from one document to the other. 

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