All Syracuse University employees have access to create Zoom meetings, where all attendees can appear on screen and speak. But some events, trainings, and talks may be better suited for a Zoom Webinar than the traditional meeting format. Some applications for webinars include:

  • Talks where only one or a few speakers will need to be on camera.
  • Events that require little to no audience interaction like trainings, workshops, and large-scale meetings (Q&A is available).
  • More on Meetings vs. Webinars

The School of Education has a Zoom webinar license with a 500-attendee capacity. Webinar licenses are owned by individual accounts (Allison DeVoe holds the SOE license) but events can be set up to run without the owner needing to be present. No tech support is automatically provided with webinar license use; tech support "on-site" during the event or for any rehearsals or tech checks can be requested through

Requesting Webinar License Usage

Anyone within the SOE can request to use the webinar license. Requests are done on a first-come, first-serve basis. To offset the license cost, SOE charges a use fee of a flat $60 plus $45/hour of license usage. If this fee is an obstacle for usage, please indicate so on the form. Please note that completing this form does not confirm your reservation. Confirmation of your reservation, or any additional information needed before confirming, will be sent by email.

Webinar License Request Form

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