If you are in immediate danger or have a life-threatening emergency, call 911 to reach NYC Emergency Services. 

For non-life-threatening situations, such as wellness care or counseling options, please see below and the Health & Wellness section for resources. 

SU NYC Alert – Crisis Communications

We have implemented a new communications tool for emergencies called SU NYC Alert. It may be used for weather, fire, police, or other crises.

A test will be sent to all currently registered NYC students at the beginning of each semester that will include texts and emails. Each message has instructions and may request a response. Emails will be sent from Daily Operations – NYC – Veoci. Please respond if requested.

Community Standards 

Syracuse University students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that supports and promotes the educational mission of the University.

Fisher Center Access  

The Fisher Center’s mailing address is: 136 Madison Avenue, Floor 2, New York, NY 10016. However, the entrance for faculty and students is at 19 East 31st Street. Unless otherwise indicated, students and faculty have 24-hour access to the facility.  

Students and faculty will receive a Colliers building access card they will use at the employee entrance at 19 East 31st Street. Access through the entrance on 136 Madison Avenue will not be granted. The Colliers building card will activate the employee entrance and elevator. The SUID card will be used to access the Fisher Center on the second floor. You may NOT give or lend your Colliers card to anyone. 

You must always keep your Colliers building access card and SUID with you to access the facilities. Additionally, the stairs are NOT to be used except in the case of emergency.   

  • To access the building: scan the Colliers Building Access card on the black proximity reader to the right of the Employee Entrance at 19 East 31st Street. 
  • To access the elevators: scan the Colliers Building Access pass on the proximity reader above the floor numbers inside the elevator. You are only able to access floors 1 and 2. 
  • To access the second floor Fisher Center: swipe your SUID card in the card reader next to the door. To exit after hours, push the green exit button to the left of the door and pull the door open. 

Building Security 

  • General building security maintains surveillance of all entrances 24/7. There are also surveillance cameras for safety that monitor and record the hallways and entry ways inside the Fisher Center. 
  • Only SU students and faculty have access to the Fisher Center from the employee entrance elevators at 19 E 31st Street. 
  • A log is kept of when students and faculty access the Fisher Center. 
  • Do not give your Colliers building access card to anyone else (including other SU students). You are the only one with authorization to use your card. 
  • To replace your Colliers building access pass or SUID please contact Dave Major, the Director of Facility Operations. You will be charged a $50 replacement fee. 


Since the Fisher Center is a closed campus, only students currently registered for the semester and faculty/staff can access the facility. Here are guidelines for other visitors to enter:  

  • Requests for a visitor must be approved in advance by Dave Major, Director of Facilities Operations, who will give instructions for registering your guest.
  • Requests should be sent via email to dsmajor@syr.edu at least 24 hours in advance.
  • No visitors will be allowed when the front desk is not staffed (after 9pm on weekdays or on weekends).

Emergency Exits 

  • There are three emergency exits in the Fisher Center. One at each bank of elevators and one near the restrooms. 
  • In case of a fire or other emergency, exit the building through the nearest exit. Do not use the elevators unless otherwise instructed. 
  • For all emergencies and crises, dial 911 immediately and follow their instructions. Also inform the Director of Facility Operations if he is onsite. Afterwards please inform the Director of Student Support.  
  • All Emergency Response Teams must use the 136 Madison Avenue entrance. 
  • A small first aid kit is available at the reception desk for less serious situations. 


  • Trash and recycling receptacles are placed in every space and will be emptied by a custodial service Monday-Friday between 10pm-7:30am. 
  • Although a custodian will clean the common spaces including restrooms and the kitchen once daily Monday-Friday, students are expected to clean after themselves and take care of their own belongings as these are shared spaces. 
  • The refrigerator will be cleared every Friday evening.

Additional Safety Resources

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