The Transfer Evaluation Self-Service (TESS) is a tool that will help prospective transfer students determine how their courses from other institutions may apply towards their intended degree program at Syracuse University. 

If you have questions regarding transfer credit or if you need assistance using the Transfer Evaluation Self-Service please contact the Office of Admissions at

*Please be aware that there may be accessibility issues within TESS that impact screen reader users.

Button link to enter Syracuse University Transfer Evaluation Self-service (TESS).TESS

To use the Syracuse University Transfer Evaluation Self-Service: 

  1. Answer a few questions. You will be asked to fill in some details on your planned degree program at Syracuse University.
    1. Select the semester when you plan to start at Syracuse University
    2. Then choose which college, degree and which major you plan to pursue.  Click here to see which majors are offered through each of the schools and colleges at Syracuse University
  2. Enter the courses you've taken. You will be asked to enter each of the courses you've taken at other institutions: first select the institution, then the course taken, when it was taken, and what grade you received. The only grades available in that drop-down menu are those deemed to be eligible for transfer (grades of “C” or better). You can enter multiple courses from the same institution or courses from multiple institutions if included in the database.
  3. Once you've entered all classes, click the "I'm all done!" button to view the results. This brings you to  an unofficial transfer evaluation (how your transfer courses may be accepted at Syracuse University) and a preliminary degree audit (how your transfer courses may apply toward your chosen degree/major).

  4. Next steps:

    1. If you want to change your intended degree, major or college you can click back on Basics and make your changes. You will not need to re-enter your courses again while in the same session.

    2. Apply for admission to Syracuse University.

  5. Download a PDF of the results to print or save.TESS is not able to save the information for future visits so be sure to print or save before exiting.

Additional Information for using Syracuse University Degree Works TESS:

  • View our TESS Frequently Asked Questions.
  • You can view more detail on Syracuse University’s transfer credit policies in the Academic Rules and Regulations.
  • Onondaga Community College students can view a list of Liberal Arts transfer courses which transfer to Syracuse University
  • The transfer tool is designed to help prospective transfer students to Syracuse University understand how their external courses may be applied upon transfer. Current Syracuse University students should always plan with their advisors before taking any courses at outside institutions to meet their Syracuse University degree requirements. Current Syracuse University students will not see their Syracuse University courses listed on the transfer evaluation audit.
  • Transfer Evaluation Self-Service relies on the same information that Syracuse University uses to officially evaluate transfer credit. Syracuse University reserves the right to make changes to these transfer credit rules where necessary between now and the time you enroll at Syracuse University.
  • Also note that the degree information shown in this transfer tool is based on current program requirements. These degree requirements may change before you transfer to Syracuse University so any evaluations should be considered unofficial until your matriculation.  
  • If you don't find a course you took in our database, it may mean the course has not yet been evaluated by Syracuse University faculty. Once you have been admitted to Syracuse University, an official transfer evaluation will be completed. All external coursework will be reviewed at that time.
  • If you have questions regarding transfer credit or if you need assistance using the Transfer Evaluation Self-Service please contact the Office of Admissions at
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