Can current Syracuse University students use TESS?

TESS is designed to help prospective transfer students to Syracuse University understand how their external courses may be applied upon transfer. Current Syracuse University students should always plan with their advisors before taking any courses at outside institutions to meet their Syracuse University degree requirements. It is important that you get approval from your home school/college before enrolling in any course outside of Syracuse University. Current Syracuse University students who are looking to complete an Intra-University Transfer can use the "What If" function in Degree Works to see how their Syracuse University courses would apply to a different major.

Current Syracuse University students will not see their Syracuse University courses listed on the transfer evaluation audit so this is not a substitute for meeting with your advisor and reviewing your Degree Works audit.

How do I know what college my intended Syracuse University major is in?

A list of Syracuse University's undergraduate programs is available online at

Can I enter courses from multiple institutions?

Yes. As we add more transfer institutions to TESS you will be able to enter courses from more than one institution. Courses will appear on the unofficial transfer evaluation.

What happens if I'm considering more than one major at Syracuse University?

When you get to the unofficial transfer evaluation, first save the PDF for one major then you can click back on Basics and make your changes. You will not need to re-enter your courses again as long as you do not exit the TESS module.

How can I use the transfer audit?

TESS provides you with an unofficial transfer evaluation (how your transfer courses may be accepted at Syracuse University) and a preliminary degree audit (how your transfer courses may apply toward your chosen degree/major). You can use this information to work with staff to plan your transfer to Syracuse University.

The degree information shown in this transfer tool is based on current program requirements. These degree requirements may change before you transfer to Syracuse University so any evaluations should be considered unofficial until your matriculation. 

Who do I contact if I have questions about TESS?

If you have questions regarding transfer credit or if you need assistance using the Transfer Evaluation Self-Service please contact the Office of Admissions at

Which browser should I use to access TESS?

At this time we recommend using Firefox or Chrome when using TESS.

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