Place a Call

  • Dial a number and then lift the handset.
  • Lift handset and dial a number.

Internal Calls  (5 Digit Extensions)

  • Dial a user's 5 digit extension to call to an internal phone.

Local Calls

  • Example: Dial 8+(315)-XXX-XXXX

Long Distance Calls

  • Example: Dial 8+1+(607)-XXX-XXXX

Emergency (911) Calls

  • Dial 911, OR Dial 8+911.

Answering & Ending a Call

  • Lift handset or press the 'Answer' softkey to answer a call.
  • Hang-up handset or press the 'End Call' softkey to end a call.

Ignore a Call (Divert)

  • When the phone is ringing, but you want to send the caller directly to your voicemail, press the 'Decline' softkey.

Redial a Number

  • Press 'Redial' softkey (redials last call placed / received / missed) OR
  • Lift the handset and press the bottom dot on the 'Navigation Panel' to select a number from your call history.

Corporate Directory

  1. Press 'Contacts'.
  2. Select 'Corporate Directory'.
  3. Select either First Name, Last Name or Number.
  4. Enter the search criteria, press 'Submit', and select a contact.
  5. Press 'Dial' to place a call to the contact.

Hold And Resume A Call

  1. To place call on hold, press 'Hold' button.
  2. To retrieve call, either press the 'Resume' softkey or 'Hold' button.

Transfer a Call

  1. Verify that you are in an active call (not on hold).
  2. Press 'Transfer'.
  3. Enter the transfer recipient’s phone number.
  4. Wait for the recipient to answer or skip to Step 5.
  5. Press 'Transfer' again.

View Call History/Place Calls Via Call History

  1. Press the top dot on the 'Navigation Panel'.
  2. Scroll and select the number you would like to call back.

Conference Calls

Start a Conference Call

  1. Establish the first call, press 'Conference' button.
  2. Enter the participant’s phone number.
  3. Press 'Conference' softkey to add participant to your call.
  4. Repeat to add additional participants.

Remove Participants

  1. While in a conference, press 'Show Details'.
  2. Highlight the participant’s name and press the 'Remove' softkey. Note: You can only remove participants if you initiated the conference.
  3. Hang up or press 'End Call' softkey to end your own participation. 

Change Ringtone

  1. Press 'Applications'.
  2. Select 'Settings'.
  3. Select 'Ringtone'.
  4. Press 'Play' to play the ringtone or push 'Set' to select the ringtone.


Personalizing Your Voicemail

Initial Setup

  1. Press the 'Messages' button.
  2. Enter the default PIN (51225) then #
  3. Follow the prompts to record your name, greeting and a personal PIN.  *If needed your System Administrator can reset your PIN.

Message Waiting Indicators (MWI)

  • Solid red light on your handset.
  • Message Icon on a line.

Retrieving Your Voice Messages

By default all voicemail will be sent to your email.  If you do not have email access you can perform the following actions:

  • Dial 3-3900 OR press the 'Messages' button.
  • When calling from outside, dial (315) 443-3900 and press *. Follow the voice prompts.

Direct Transfer to Voicemail

  1. While on a call, push the 'Transfer' softkey.
  2. Hit # and then dial the 5 digit extension.
  3. Select 'Transfer' Again.

Tips and Shortcuts

How do I setup Speed Dials?

  1. Use a web browser and access  
  2. Use your Syracuse University NetID and password to login.
  3. Click the 'Phones' tab.
  4. Click 'Phone Settings'.
  5. Click 'Speed Dial Numbers' and select 'Add a New Speed Dial'.
  6. When entering in the number, be sure to press 9 first, e.g. 8+1+(315)-555-1234.

How do I Transfer a Voicemail? 

  1. You can simply forward the email with the attached voicemail.

To Forward via the Phone prompts:

  1. Listen to the new message.
  2. Hit 5 to forward.
  3. Provide an introduction.
  4. Hit ## , enter the extension, and then #.

How do I Forward All?

  1. To forward calls, press the 'Forward all' softkey.
  2. Either:
    1. Enter the phone number, e.g. 8+1+(315)-443-1234 OR
    2. To forward all calls to voicemail, press 'Messages'.
  3. To cancel call forwarding, press 'Forward off'. 

Voicemail Shortcuts 

Main Menu:

  • 1 - Hear new Messages
  • 3 1 -  Review Saved Messages
  • 3 2 -  Review Deleted Messages
  • 4 1 -  Change Greetings
  • 4 1 2 - Switch to Alternate Greeting

Listening to Voicemail:

  • # -  Next Message
  • 1 -  Restart a message
  • 2 -  Save
  • 3 - Delete
  • 8 - Pause

Cisco 88XX Phone Schematic

Image of Cisco 88XX IP Phone with Button Locations

1Handset Light StripIndicates an incoming call (flashing red) or new voice message (steady red).
2Phone ScreenShows information about your phone such as directory number, active call and line status, softkey options, speed dials, placed calls, and phone menu listings.

Programmable Feature Buttons

Image of Programmable Feature Buttons

Phone lines and intercom lines

Buttons illuminate to indicate status:

  • Green, steady: Active call
  • Green, flashing: Held call
  • Privacy in use, one-way intercom call, DND active, or logged into Hunt Group .
  • Amber, flashing: Incoming call or reverting call
  • Red, steady: Remote line in use (shared line or Line Status)
  • Red, flashing: Remote line on hold

Softkey Buttons

Image of Softkey Buttons

Depending on how your system administrator sets up the phone, enable softkey options displayed on your phone screen. 

Navigation and Select Button

Image of Navigation and Select Button

The Navigation and Select button allows you to scroll through menus, highlight items and select the highlighted item.

Release Button

Image of Release Button

Ends a connected call or session.

Hold / Resume Button

Places an active call on hold and resumes the held call.

Conference Button

Image of Conference Button

Creates a conference call.

Transfer Button

Image of Transfer Button

Transfers a call.

Speakerphone Button

Image of Speakerphone Button

Toggles the speakerphone on or off. When the speakerphone is on, the button is lit.

Mute Button

Image of Mute Button

Toggles the microphone on or off. When the microphone is muted, the button is lit.

Headset Button

Image of Headset Button

Toggles the headset on or off. When the headset is on, the button is lit.
13KeypadAllows you to dial phone numbers, enter letters, and select menu items (by entering the item number).

Volume Button

Image of Volume Button

Controls the handset, headset, and speakerphone volume (off hook) and the ringer volume (on hook).

Contacts Button

Image of Contacts Button

Opens or closes the Directories menu. Use the Contacts button to access personal and corporate directories.

Applications Button

Image of Applications Button

Opens or closes the Applications menu. Use the Applications button to access call history, user preferences, phone settings, and phone model information.

Messages Button

Image of Messages Button

Autodials your voice messaging system (varies by system).

Back Button

Image of Back Button

Returns to the previous screen or menu.
19HandsetPhone handset

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