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Accessibility ICT Policy Council 
Tuesday, June 15, 2021
3:00 - 4:00 PM
Zoom (Please see Outlook Invite for Details)

Members: Lisa Andreotta, Melanie Domanico, Bethany Heaton Crawford, Angela King Taylor, Vince Patriarco, Lana Pettit, Miguel Pica, Paula Possenti-Perez, Pamela Thomas, Brian Tibbens, Robin Wade, and Scott Warren

Co-chairs: Jenny Gluck and William Myhill

Guests: Michael Morrison

Minutes: Christian Jones


  1. Welcome/Announcements (Jenny and William)
  2. Status Check-in and Timeline / Goal Reminder
    1. AICTPC Table of Recommendations
  3. Blackboard Ally Demo (Michael Morrison)
  4. Defining Active and Archived Content Roles and Responsibilities
    1. Audiences
      1. Students
        1. Course content (student work, for ex.)
        2. Forms/Documents
        3. Research materials
      2. The Public
        1. Recruiting materials
        2. Admissions materials
        3. Athletics materials 
        4. Past events  (graduation, for ex.) and supporting digital materials
        5. University records, shared stats
      3. Employees
        1. Leadership
          1. Board of Trustees
        2. Working teams, committees, councils (collaborations)
          1. Recent use of the content vs intentions to use it again
          2. If using as a reference document, make sure it's accessible. 
          3. Individual vs team/group use
        3. Human Resources 
          1. Forms, documents, policies 
        4. University Business Content
          1. Content that may be required by University personnel - protected or not
          2. Publications
          3. Proposals
      4. Alumni
    2. Roles
      1. Students
      2. Employees
        1. Faculty
        2. Staff
      3. Departments
      4. Alumni
  5. Guiding Principles of Prioritization of Active/Archived Content and Policy Statement
    1. "Anything that is active and inaccessible needs to be remediated; anything that is archived and inactive can be left alone."
    2. Archived/on-demand content 
      1. If it’s archived, leave it alone/get an exception, but if it’s active/public, we need to make sure it’s accessible. There will then need to be priority for active content. 

      2. Owners of inaccessible active content should also offer an option for remediation on demand.

    3. How do we make it easier on the campus to accomplish this goal?
  6. Next/Future Meeting
    1. Extended Meeting Series ~ January, 2022
    2. Recommendation 11 & 12
    3. Language

Supplemental Materials:

Accessibility ICT Policy 

Accessibility ICT Policy - Working Document

 Standards Table for AICTPC (Draft)

Draft Legacy Software Reference Guide

Ongoing Issues to Address

  1. Glossary of Terms
  2. End of Exception Cycle
    1. The exception is only good for the term of the version. How long is the life of the exception? What triggers a review of the product?
  3. Auto-renewals
  4. Vendor-deliverables 
  5. Review of DERC Phase 2 Recommendations Communications with Council (available in the Restricted Resource Library to AICTPC members)

Next Meeting: Tuesday, June 15th, 2021  

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