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Accessibility ICT Policy Council 
Tuesday, July 20, 2021
3:00 - 4:00 PM
Zoom (Please see Outlook Invite for Details)

Members Present: Lisa Andreotta, Donna Carelli, Bethany Heaton Crawford, Angela King Taylor, Vince Patriarco, Lana Pettit, Brian Tibbens, and Scott Warren

Co-chairs: Jenny Gluck and William Myhill


Minutes: Christian Jones


  1. Welcome/Announcements (Jenny and William)
  2. Review Table of Recommendations (Group)
    1. AICTPC Table of Recommendations
      1. Recommendation 11 - Policy Update
        • Lana Pettit kindly provided examples of software for this exemption, which include (but are not limited to) software used to configure and manage energy controls for heating and air conditioning units, devices to read usage and monitor utility meters (e.g., electricity, water, natural gas), and software to configure and control lighting systems.
        • Brian Tibbens raised a word of caution about tightening the wording to make it specific to the operation of business so as not to encourage academic units (or others) to circumvent the process. 
        • It was agreed to augment the language to specify its application to facilities.
      2. Recommendation 9a: Legacy Content
        • William Myhill advocated for modifying the language to take a firmer stance on what the expectation for content owners will be, specifically to better reflect the language used in Recommendation 9 for legacy software. The new language reads:
          • “Anything that is active and inaccessible needs to be remediated; anything that is archived and inactive can be left alone. If it’s archived, leave it alone/get an exception, but if it’s active/public, we need to make sure it’s accessible. Active content will take highest priority.  Owners of inaccessible active content should also offer an option for remediation on demand. Upon adoption of Policy, owners will be given a year to review inaccessible active content then come up with a plan for addressing this content with timelines for remediation, replacement, or abandonment.”
  3. Recommendations 
    1. Recommendation 3: Embed vendor obligations and tertiary links in the ICT Policy, Purchasing Policy, or both (cross-reference) (Vince Patriarco)
      • It seems that many across campus (ourselves included) get lost in navigate the procurement process, especially when in the middle of Purchasing, Procurement/AAC, and the Vendor. Legal challenges (licensing, etc.) poses a fourth obstacle. We want to make it clear so that all parties, vendors included, know what to do. We need the vendors to know when they come to SU that we are committed to meeting current accessibility standards.
      • Purchasing has been working on a purchasing procedures manual that’s primed for rollout. Vince Patriarcho suggested that this may be one resource for guiding folks on the process. 
      • The Council agreed to add this procedures manual and the Purchasing website as a parking lot item for future discussion. Vince will be sending Christian the manual next week to add to our Answers space. 
      • One thought around homework for the group could be to review recommendations and come up with a glossary of terms to help figure out how to deal with this content. 
      • We want folks to start shopping from a place of accessibility. We could provide draft language to be included in the manual and on the Procurement website. 
      • Vince agreed to coordinate a meeting to discuss this language, including himself, Nicole Schafer, and Donna from Purchasing, plus Jenny, Joe Giberman, William, and Paula Possenti-Perez to aid us in development and placement of this language. 
      • William recommended adding a phrase in the ICT Policy linking it with the Procurement Policy.
      • Draft HirePotential pages
  4. Next/Future Meeting
    1. Vince will coordinate a subgroup to look at the process associated with software and compliance. The outcome should be language that helps the campus understand how both sides of this process are addressed so they have a clear understanding of their role and the expectations of the University. 
    2. Next Recommendations
      1. Recommendation 7a: Review of Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines (Pam Thomas, Michael Morrison)
    3. Language

Supplemental Materials:

Accessibility ICT Policy 

Accessibility ICT Policy - Working Document

 Standards Table for AICTPC (Draft)

Draft Legacy Software Reference Guide

Ongoing Issues to Address

  1. Glossary of Terms
  2. End of Exception Cycle
    1. The exception is only good for the term of the version. How long is the life of the exception? What triggers a review of the product?
  3. Auto-renewals
  4. Vendor-deliverables 
  5. Review of DERC Phase 2 Recommendations Communications with Council (available in the Restricted Resource Library to AICTPC members)

  6. Review Purchasing procedures manual and the Purchasing website

Next Meeting: Tuesday, July 27, 2021  

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