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With the transition to online and hybrid courses, almost all courses now have some elements in Blackboard. This could be just documents, videos  and class recordings, but in other cases also includes all of the assignments and tests as well.
Our current plan is to make a student’s Blackboard account unavailable if they are in non-compliance with their Covid testing and Stay Safe protocols. This will prevent them from logging into Blackboard and will have the following impacts: They WILL NOT be able:

  • to access any course or organization spaces in Blackboard
  • access any course materials, documents, videos, web-links or course recordings that are included in the Blackboard course
  • participate in any Blackboard discussion boards with in their courses
  • submit any assignments through Blackboard, both Blackboard and Turnitin assignments
  • complete any tests or quizzes that have been created and deployed through Blackboard
  • access any third-party tools that are linked through Blackboard, including Zoom and Kaltura. Content may be available directly in these tools, but it depends upon how it is configured by the instructor.
  • See any grades that have been added to the Blackboard Grade Center.

Once they have restored their Covid compliance, their Blackboard account will become available again and they will be able to access and participate fully in their courses. No content will be deleted or lost if their account becomes unavailable.
A student may go through this process multiple times throughout the semester if they do not maintain their Covid compliance.

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