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Educational Technologies Advisory Council 
Friday, May 15, 2020
11:00AM - 12:00PM
Zoom (Please see Outlook Invite for Details)

Attendees: Riyad Aboutaha, Joseph Alfieri, Kal Alston, Amber Bartosh, Martha Diede, Carol Faulkner, Dona Hayes, Eileen Julian,  Eileen Lantier,  Ralph Lorenz, Alexander McKelvie, Michael Morrison, Kathleen O'Connor, Mike O'Mara, and Art Thomas



Co-chairs: Lois Agnew and Jenny Gluck

Minutes: Christian Jones


  1. Welcome & Announcements 
    1. SITETL 2020 Online - Wednesday, May 20th
    2. Other Announcements

  2. Additional/Biweekly ETAC Meetings Over the Summer

  3. Lessons Learned from Spring Semester

  4. Faculty Questions
    1. Strategy for capturing and addressing these questions with a consistent message

  5. Technology Preparedness for Fall Teaching and Learning

  6. Future Topics
    1. Running List of Questions
    2. Potential Future Speakers

Next Meeting:  TBA

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