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Educational Technologies Advisory Council 
Thursday, August 6, 2020
Zoom (Please see Outlook Invite for Details)

Members: Riyad Aboutaha, Joseph Alfieri, Kal Alston, Amber Bartosh, Martha Diede, Amy Falkner, Carol Faulkner, Eileen Julian,  Eileen Lantier,  Ralph Lorenz, Alexander McKelvie, Michael Morrison , Kathleen O'Connor, Mike O'Mara, and Jennifer Stromer-Galley 

Guests:  Annette Jenner-Matthews, Chris Johnson, LaVonda Reed, and Joel Whitney 

Co-chairs: Lois P Agnew and Jenny Gluck

Minutes: Christian Jones


  1. Welcome & Announcements 

  2. Delivery of Fall 2020 Support with guest speakers Chris Johnson and LaVonda Reed

    1. Classroom Zone Support Deployment Guide 

    2. Online Success Toolkit
    3. Target Discussion Questions:

      1. How do you define asynchronous content? How do we measure the contact hours of asynchronous content or recorded synchronous sessions?  Will the recorded synchronous sessions be adequate for students who aren't in the eastern standard time zone?
      2. Will we be requiring all Zoom and Blackboard Collaborate Ultra sessions to be recorded?  Do we still need to record the session if all students are in the classroom on a given day?  What do we do if the instructor forgets to record the session?
      3. What are the plans to help students who don't have the technology they need to attend a class online?  If the university adopts a policy of giving priority for financial support to students who have not chosen online classes (on the grounds that students who choose to take online classes have willingly assumed the burden of ensuring that they have adequate technology), does this discriminate against students who might decide that it is unwise to return to campus due to health conditions? Could we consider a technology package that can be given to all FYTP students so we don't run into equity concerns?
      4. What type of staff support will be needed to keep the campus open on Labor Day and weekend class days?
      5. Has a determination been made concerning the equivalency of face shields to masks?

    4. Classroom technology cleaning instruction

  3. Online Proctoring Discussion with the College of Law 

  4. Technology Updates
    1. Teaching and Learning Tools

    2. Classroom Upgrades

      1. Microphone Test with University Provided Mask

  5. Additional / Future Discussion Items

    1. Fall ETAC Meetings

Next Meeting:  TBA

*While the above will generally represent a standing agenda for the summer meetings, please contact Christian Jones ( if there are additional topics that you would like to have added to the discussion. Thank you!

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