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Educational Technologies Advisory Council 
Thursday, March 18, 2021
11:00 AM-12:00 PM
Zoom (Please see Outlook Invite for Details)

Members: Riyad Aboutaha, Joseph Alfieri, Kal Alston, Amber Bartosh, Martha Diede, Amy Falkner, Carol Faulkner, Eileen Julian,  Eileen Lantier,  Ralph Lorenz, Alexander McKelvie, Michael Morrison, Kathleen O'Connor, Mike O'Mara, and Jennifer Stromer-Galley 


Co-chairs: Lois P Agnew and Jenny Gluck

Minutes: Christian Jones


  1. Welcome & Announcements  

  2. Check-in on Spring Classes

    1. Current Modality / Issues

      1. What has been going well? Have you discovered or experienced academic or operational innovations that emerged or were accelerated this semester as opposed to last? Did you find anything that worked better than expected in a virtual format?
      2. What has been challenging? For example, have you encountered new or ongoing challenges in the virtual environment? Did other problems arise because of the pandemic or its effects?
      3. Ideas for the future to consider maintaining or introducing? For example, which pandemic innovations are worth keeping when we return to (new) normal operations? Do you have any "big ideas" for changing for the better, driven by the challenges of the pandemic?
  3. Thinking about the Summer

    1. Building classes in Blackboard

    2. Modality of Instruction
  4. Transitioning Back to Residential Instruction for Fall 2021

    1. Check-in

    2. Deeper dive across Schools/Colleges? Needs?

  5. Technology Updates

    1. Teaching and Learning Tools 

      1. Blackboard 

        1. Ultra Navigation

          1. Short Demo

          2. "Save the date" discussion (between Summer 1 & Summer 2?)

      2. Class for Zoom (ClassEDU) pilot
        1. Update
          1. Short Demo
          2. Testing
          3. Timeline
      3. Tool Usage Stats
        1. Zoom
        2. Kaltura
        3. Blackboard
  6. Additional / Future Discussion Items

    1. Integrations & ETAC buy-in (Blackboard, Kaltura, Zoom, others)
      1. Governance around plug-ins
    2. Bring Your Own Device program - Amy Falkner

    3. Proctoring?

Next Meeting:  Thursday, April 15, 2021

*While the above will generally represent a standing agenda for the summer meetings, please contact Christian Jones ( if there are additional topics that you would like to have added to the discussion. Thank you!

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